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The MALL closes…for now.

Hello everyone!  I know, I know- I have fully sucked at updating these blogs for a solid 2 months now.  I kept saying that once the HATCHET whirlwind died down that I would finally compile my “end of tour wrap up” – but in typical “me” fashion I didn’t even take a day off before diving right in to a few more projects.  Who cares what 9 out of 10 doctors say?  Good health and sleep are over-rated!

This week the final episode of the MALL WORLD series aired on MTV- and I’ve already gotten a ton of mail yelling at me personally for it ending.  Sorry to have ruined so many people’s Wednesday nights- but hey, at least I didn’t murder everyone in the cast this time around, right?  So without saying too much- that means they could very well be back.  But more on that if and when I’m allowed to say more on that.

In the meantime, I’ve once again partnered up with my close friends at DiVide (Milo Ventimiglia and Russ Cundiff) and American Eagle and we’ve been working all summer and fall long to bring you a new short film series- just in time for the holidays.  And even more exciting- this time it’s claymation!  I can’t say any more just yet- but know that you won’t have to wait long for what is coming next.  No details- but here’s a glimpse…

And as if that wasn’t enough, I will also be taking on a project immediately following that one that will bring me back down to the swamps of Louisiana again, so I’ve been prepping that one, too.  Before everyone wets their pants- NO, IT ISN’T HATCHET 2.  But yeah- you guessed it- I can’t spill any details on what I’ve been up to down in Louisiana just yet.  (See?  This is why I haven’t been writing in on these blogs!  It’s not much fun to write about stuff that you’re not allowed to write about yet.)

In even more good news and to answer one of the most common questions I am getting- YES- there will OF COURSE be a new Halloween short film for 2007.  It doesn’t matter how busy I am- I can’t let a decade-long tradition die.  It will be unveiled for the world on my website ( next week, but I will of course announce it here, too.  I’m EXTREMELY excited for this one and I think you’re all gonna enjoy the hell out of it.

So you see?  Instead of recouping from my three year world-wide battle alongside Victor Crowley, I jumped right back into work.  As Ozzy once said “no rest for the wicked.”  Or was that not Ozzy who said that first?  Probably not as if he said it first no one would have understood what he said.  I sincerely apologize to all of you for how bad I’ve been at writing back and for the fact that my mail function has permanently been put on “away”- but if you had any idea the hours I was pulling each day and how long it’s been since I had a moment to myself…you’d understand.  I’m hoping to take some time around the holidays to update everyone on things- but between my professional and personal life, I don’t even know what the hell is going on with me anyway.  Lots of big changes- but all good stuff.

I’ll be posting a new blog next week when I reveal this year’s Halloween short film- but in the meantime I thought I’d leave you with ALL 13 EPISODES OF MALL WORLD for your viewing pleasure.  And of course, if you go to or you’ll find all kinds of cool behind the scenes clips- including a piece from the premiere last July.

Much love to you all.  If you can, please send me some relaxation CDs, pornography, and bug spray.  (In that order.)


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