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Chillerama (2011)


It’s the closing night at the last drive-in theater in America and owner Cecil B. Kaufman has planned the ultimate marathon of four rare and outrageous film prints to unleash upon his faithful cinephile patrons.  Starring Richard Riehle (OFFICE SPACE), Joel David Moore (AVATAR), Lin Shaye (INSIDIOUS), Ray Wise (TWIN PEAKS), Kane Hodder (HATCHET), and more cameos than you can count, CHILLERAMA is the ultimate midnight anthology movie that critics call “a late night classic for the new millennium” (Killer Film), and “the most offensively nostalgic fun time I’ve experienced in theaters in I don’t know how long.” (Dread Central).

Written and Directed by Adam Rifkin (DETROIT ROCK CITY), Tim Sullivan (2001 MANIACS), Adam Green (FROZEN), and Joe Lynch (WRONG TURN 2).

DRIVE-IN THEATER TOUR  - September/October 2011
DVD/BLU-RAY release 11.29.11

“Of all the horror anthologies I’ve seen, CHILLERAMA is unquestionably the silliest, the goriest, the wildest and the most endearing.  The most entertaining of the shorts is THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN directed by Adam Green and starring Joel David Moore as a particularly goofy Adolf Hitler. The film plays like a crude collage of several Mel Brooks films, with particularly strong shades of YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, TO BE OR NOT TO BE, and THE PRODUCERS. The cinematic anarchy that THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN offers is more consistently entertaining than any other short.” – Clark Douglas, DVD Verdict (December 9, 2011)