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Hatchet (2007)


When a motley crew of tourists embark on a tour of the haunted Louisiana bayous they learn the terrifying tale of local legend “Victor Crowley”; a horribly disfigured man who was tragically and accidentally killed with a hatchet by the hands of his own father.  When their tour boat sinks and the ghost story turns out to be real, the group tries desperately to escape the swamp with their lives… and all of their pieces.  Featuring an all-star horror cast including Kane Hodder (“Jason Voorhees”), Robert Englund (“Freddy Krueger”), and Tony Todd (“Candyman”), HATCHET swept film festivals all over the globe before hitting theaters worldwide.  Hailed by critics as “the holy grail of slasher films” and creating “the next icon of horror”, this celebrated horror classic has now become a worldwide franchise with two sequels.

Written and Directed by Adam Green

Theatrical release 9.7.2007
DVD release 12.18.2007

“Adam Green — like John Carpenter, Wes Craven and the get-it-done directors he obviously admires — is smart enough to ratchet up the horror in HATCHET to a level that should satisfy party-hard gore hounds and casual tourists alike.  To the dishonor-and-dismember roll of Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddie Krueger, you may now add Victor Crowley, the deranged and deformed bogeyman of HATCHET.” - Terry Lawson, Detroit Free Press (September 7, 2007)