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QUICK! An exclusive HATCHET II poster!

A limited edition “Hatchet II” poster will be released for sale Wednesday October 27th (today!) at 11am as a collaboration between myself and acclaimed artist Alex Pardee- who (for the record) is my absolute most favorite artist working/living today.  The print is on sale exclusively on-line through Alex’s Zerofriends Store:
I highly suggest that you buy one quick if you’re going to.  There were only 100 made!
“HATCHET II” Limited Edition Giclee Print
By Alex Pardee
17″ x 22″
Printed with archival inks on Velvet Cotton Rag paper.
Ultra Limited edition of 100
Each poster is signed, numbered, and bled upon by artist Alex Pardee and HATCHET II director Adam Green
$50.00 Each.

For those who may still be unaware of Alex Pardee and his work, here is a quick blurb to get you up to speed:  Alex Pardee is an American artist, writer and designer whose work has grown out of an adolescence anchored in horror movies, and with this dark compass setting his coordinates he has quickly gained the attention of horror fans worldwide. Alex has long been a pioneer in trans-media artistry, and consistently applies his exquisite art style and aesthetic to almost every aspect of the entertainment industry. From fine art, apparel design, toy production, self-publishing, art directing rock bands like “In Flames”, “The Used”, and “Cage”, all the way to creating the animated fantasy horror series “Chadam” with Warner Bros, Alex continues to find more and more ways to inject his imagination into the things he has always adored growing up. Most recently Alex has subtly transitioned into the film industry, first with an art-based marketing project for Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds” and more recently alongside director Zack Snyder (“Dawn Of The Dead”, “Watchmen”), to develop concept art and marketing visuals for the new film “Sucker Punch” scheduled for release in 2011. In 2007, Alex co-founded the successful art and apparel company which carries an inspired line of original work rich with monstrous themes. There is no doubt that the horror genre grows another limb with every new effort from Alex Pardee.

With the release of the limited edition “Hatchet II” poster, Alex wrote in his blog that, “Green and I have just officially started working on a REALLY REALLY COOL ART PROJECT that has never been done before that we are both ecstatic about. But more on that later.”  You all know how much I hate spilling details too far in advance, so all I’m going to say is “Yeah!”  As I said earlier, I truly think that Alex is one of the greatest living/working artists out there right now (my home is decorated with his work) and our discussions on this “collaboration project” have left me completely inspired, challenged, and excited in ways I haven’t been in a long, long time.  For now my advice is to put it out of sight and out of mind though as this is not something we’re going to be ready to discuss details of for quite awhile.
Dig on some pictures of the print below, buy one quick, and have a Happy Halloween this weekend!  New blog coming real soon…

(Alex Pardee himself.)

(We signed all 100 of these prints.)

(Green / Pardee)