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HOLLISTON – TV Series (2012, 2013 – ?)

No Guts. No Gory.

Two down and out aspiring horror movie filmmakers struggle with life, career, and the opposite sex in this acclaimed sit-com full of tremendous laughs, cartoonish violence and genuine heart.  Starring Adam Green (HATCHET), Joe Lynch (KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM), Laura Ortiz (THE HILLS HAVE EYES), Corri English (UNREST), Dee Snider (TWISTED SISTER), and Oderus Urungus (GWAR), ArieScope’s hit TV series is now in its second season on the FEARnet television channel.   Critics have hailed HOLLISTON as “The show you hoped BIG BANG THEORY would be” (Austin Chronicle), “Laugh out loud funny” (Dread Central), and “The strangest sitcom ever made” (HitFix).

Created by Adam Green

Season 1 world television premiere 4.3.2012
Season 1 DVD/BLU-RAY release 10.9.2012
“The Holliston Christmas Special” television premiere 12.18.12
Season 2 world television premiere 6.4.13
Season 2 BLU-RAY release 4.8.2014