HATCHET / HOLLISTON double-presentation this weekend!

This Saturday (April 13th) join Adam Green for an ultra gory double panel presentation for both HATCHET and HOLLISTON at Monsterpalooza in Burbank, CA.  First, at 1:00pm, Adam will be taking the stage along with Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, Derek Mears, Rileah Vanderbilt, BJ McDonnell, and FX artist Robert Pendergraft for a panel called “THE FX OF THE HATCHET SERIES”. Not only will members of the Hatchet Army in attendance be treated to exclusive never before seen gory clips from HATCHET III but also… the world premiere of the film’s FULL THEATRICAL RED BAND TRAILER! Then, immediately following the HATCHET panel, at 2:00pm- join Adam for the funniest and sickest presentation you will see at this year’s convention when he is joined by HOLLISTON’s Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz, Oderus Urungus (in full costume), and effects maestro Robert Pendergraft for “THE MAKE-UP FX OF HOLLISTON” panel.  The cast will be world premiering THE FIRST 3 MINUTES OF SEASON 2 (three minutes that are crazier than all of Season 1 combined) as well as showing a sex scene from Season 2 between Adam and Danielle Harris that will have you on the floor.   After the HOLLISTON panel is over- BOTH CASTS will be signing FREE limited edition posters for both HATCHET III and HOLLISTON Season 2 while they last. Be advised, Monsterpalooza sells out every single year and the lines to get in will be crazy… so be early and be ready to get bloody in the double-feature panel presentation of the year. If you live in Los Angeles (or if you can get to Los Angeles) you can’t miss this event!



Autograph signing for both immediately following the HOLLISTON panel.  For details and ticket information click here.