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Hatchet III (2013)

Some Legends Never Die.

Danielle Harris (HALLOWEEN IV & V) and Kane Hodder (FRIDAY THE 13TH VII – X) return for the epic conclusion in the now bona fide worldwide franchise which finds a heavily armed search and recovery team heading into the haunted Louisiana swamp and “Marybeth” (Harris) seeking out an end to the horrific voodoo curse that has kept the paranormal entity of “Victor Crowley” (Hodder) terrorizing Honey Island Swamp for decades. Also starring Zach Galligan (GREMLINS), Derek Mears (FRIDAY THE 13th 2009), Caroline Williams (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE PART 2), Parry Shen (HATCHET I & II), and Sid Haig (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS).

Written and Produced by Adam Green
Directed by BJ McDonnell

Theatrical and VOD release 6.14.13
DVD/BLU-RAY release 8.13.2013

“HATCHET III is an expressive and visually gritty conclusion to the fan favorite horror comedy HATCHET trilogy, as it offers a terrifyingly emotional conclusion to Crowley and Marybeth’s drive for vengeance.  In the sequences where the two warring characters come face-to-face, Hodder and Harris brazeningly lost their inhibitions, and let their characters’ anger over being targeted lead them to take drastic measures in defending themselves.” – Karen Bernadello, Shock Ya (June 13, 2013)