HOLLISTON Season 2 is here!

Tonight at 10pm EST / 7pm PST, ArieScope’s hit sit-com HOLLISTON returns to television on the FEARnet cable network with “Season 2, Episode 1: Suicidal Tendencies”, guest starring HATCHET’s Kane Hodder.  Join Adam, Joe, Laura, Corri, Oderus, Lance Rockett, and Axl the cat for a whole new season of laughs, violence, love, heartbreaks, and triumphs on the show that the Austin Chronicle hails as “the show you wished BIG BANG THEORY would be”.


Adam has trouble making pasta in Season 2, Episode 1.

Sill don’t get FEARnet in your cable line-up?  You can also catch the show on FEARnet On-Demand or see a new episode every Thursday on where episodes will remain up for one week before being replaced by the new one.  News on iTunes, Amazon, and other outlets where you can watch HOLLISTON is coming soon…