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New MOVIE CRYPT podcast with guest Derek Mears

A new MOVIE CRYPT podcast is now available for streaming and download through Geek Nation right here.  In Joe’s final “in-studio” episode before shipping off to Serbia (where he is shooting his new movie Everly), Adam and Joe sit down with horror icon Derek Mears (Friday the 13th 2009, Predators) to discuss the ins and outs of horror conventions, proper convention etiquette, and their best and worst experiences on the  convention circuit. Derek opens up about his career portraying some of film’s most iconic genre characters (both in and out of masks) and the boys answer your “viewer mail.”



Adam Green Returns To London…

Adam Green will return to London for Film 4 FrightFest August 22nd – 26th for the UK premieres of both HATCHET III and HOLLISTON.  This will mark Adam’s 7th FrightFest in the past 8 years.  HATCHET III premieres on Friday August 23rd and HOLLISTON (3 episodes!) premieres on Sunday August 25th.  Get your tickets at the world famous Empire Cinema in Leicester Square as fast as possible, especially for HOLLISTON which has limited seating available.


FEARnet sets HOLLISTON 20 episode marathon!

With only two episodes left to air in Season 2, FEARnet has set a HOLLISTON MARATHON for Monday August 5th starting at 10am EST / 7am PST where they will run all 20 episodes that lead up to the following night’s EPIC Season 2 finale.  This is your chance to re-live it all or get up to speed in time for the Season 2 finale!  Even better, FEARnet will be hosting the world television premiere of “Lance Rockett’s” first music video for his “original Van Halen cover” called LOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT during the 20 episode marathon.  Fans can catch an exclusive “making of” the video on as of August 2nd.  The music video (of which a portion will be shown in the Season 2 finale) will be available in it’s entirety for free on-line and the song will be available for purchase on iTunes immediately following the airing of the Season finale on August 6th.

Dee Tiger

THE MOVIE CRYPT Podcast Hits iTunes!

THE MOVIE CRYPT Podcast with Adam Green and Joe Lynch is now available on iTunes for FREE.  Find it easily in a podcast search or under “new and noteworthy podcasts” and subscribe today so that you automatically get each new episode downloaded to your iTunes the moment they post.  Don’t forget to leave the boys a rating and a review while you’re at it!

New Posting in GREEN’S BLOG

Check out GREEN’S BLOG and the latest entry “A Look Back On My 3-Day Boston Fundraiser” including a video recap and a fan written account of Adam Green’s BOSTON STRONG benefit.


On May 28th-30th 2013, I held a 3-Day fundraiser to help raise money for the One Fund to benefit the victims of the tragic April 15th Boston Marathon bombing.  Events included:

A free HOLLISTON poster signing at Fiske’s General Store in Holliston, MA.

The “HOLLISTON Comes Home to Holliston” 3-episode preview screening at the Holliston High School with myself, Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz, and Derek Mears – hosted by Kevin Barbare and including an after-party at Casey’s Public House (known as “Casey’s Crossing” on HOLLISTON).

The “Boston Strong” celebrity auction and fundraiser in Worcester with special guests including myself, Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz, Joel David Moore, Kane Hodder, Zach Galligan, Derek Mears, Kip Weeks, and Mick Garris.

A HATCHET MARATHON of all three HATCHET films (including the first ever public screening of HATCHET III) at the Revere Hotel’s Theater One in Boston with myself, Joel David Moore, Kane Hodder, Zach Galligan, and Derek Mears.


Joking around between photos: Mears, Galligan, Lynch, Moore, Weeks, Ortiz, Green, Hodder

The outpouring of love and support (from both fans and Hollywood alike) was absolutely astounding.   I was so grateful to have friends donate rare one-of-a-kind items for the auction including Chris Columbus, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Eli Roth, Rob Zombie, Dee Snider, Sid Haig, Oderus Urungus, Alex Pardee, Dark Sky Films, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Tyler Mane, Joe Knetter, Marcus Dunstan, Patrick Melton, Zakk Wylde, Darren Lynn Bousman, Joe Hill, Metal Blade Records, and many, many, many more.  Too many to possibly name them all.  Together we raised $15,000.00 for the victims of the tragedy (after all expenses for holding the event were paid out).  It was nothing short of amazing.

I’ve put off writing a full on blog about this event for a variety of reasons.  For starters, I did this for charity and to help my hometown simply because I believe that anyone in my position would do the same.  Therefore, I tried as hard as I could to promote the event but not to let the event itself become a publicity event for the opening of HATCHET III, the season premiere of HOLLISTON, or for myself.  So I wanted to wait to fully comment on the event until long after those release dates had passed.  But most of all, there were moments throughout the three days that were so touching that I could never put them into cohesive words.  From the “thank you’s”, to the sincere hugs and hand shakes, to watching my fellow Bostonians dig deep and give money to help, to witnessing fans travel in for this from far and wide, to the two minute standing ovation that the crowd gave me at the end of the final night… this just isn’t the type of thing I can easily “recap”.

Thankfully, others did that for me.

So rather than write all about what happened I thought it would be more fitting to present you with a video and an article that sum it all up from the perspectives of the volunteers who generously donated their time to help pull all of this off and from a fan who traveled in from Texas just to be there.  It’s so important to note that Gina Migliozzi from ROCK N SHOCK and Stacy Buchanan from WICKED BIRD MEDIA worked tirelessly on this event for a solid month, helping organize everything and giving their all to promote the events and get the word out.  I am so proud and so lucky to be able to call these two amazing women my friends.

First up is a video that was created as a gift to me by the volunteers who worked their asses off for these three days (and more).  For all of the charity work I have done throughout the course of my career so far, no one has ever done something like this to thank me and these four and a half minutes truly mean the world to me.  You can watch it here.

Secondly is an article written by Amanda Rebholz, a fan who took it upon herself to share her experience at this three day event with the rest of the world.  You can read Amanda’s article here.  It’s beautifully written and I urge you all to take the time to read the whole piece.

To everyone who donated their time, their money, and their spirit- thank you.  As I said on stage each night, the one upside to every tragedy like this is that it results in people coming together to show what they are actually made of and who they really are.  The individuals who plotted and performed this attack (sorry, but I just can’t refer to them as “men”) FAILED.  They took lives and injured many… but they did not accomplish their mission to change us, to scare us, or to prove whatever point they thought they were making in their twisted, evil minds.  We rallied and came together not just to mourn the tragedy or to make donations, but to show that we are untouchable as both a society and as a culture.  As human beings we are resilient in our kindness.  As souls our spirits are unbreakable.  As the horror genre community we are more caring and generous than any other.  And as Boston… we are truly strong.


Standing strong with Mick Garris.

To the families that this money is going towards helping, I know the support that we raised is but a mere dent in the help that you need and that the biggest losses are things that no amount of money can ever fix.  But I also know how much this meant to you and I know how much this meant to the rest of the people of Boston touched by this tragedy.

Some may not be able to ever look back on this tragedy and see more than the terror, the tears, and the loss.  But I choose to look back on this and see the helping hands, the smiles, the cheers, the laughter, and the applause that were louder and more meaningful than any amount of hatred could ever amount to.

Most sincerely,


New DIGGING UP THE MARROW poster art – San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive!

Today, ArieScope Pictures and Zero Friends unveiled the new exclusive poster for DIGGING UP THE MARROW, our upcoming film from writer/director Adam Green and artist Alex Pardee that explores the line between fantasy and reality with monsters.  While details on this long gestating project that originally started out as a documentary but then became… something else… are still being held tightly under wraps, principal photography is expected to be completed by the end of August with a 2014 release date in the works.


The above poster will be available for FREE at San Diego Comic Con in 11 X 17 size at the following times:

1.) THURSDAY 11am – 1pm.  HOLLISTON / HATCHET 3 / DIGGING UP THE MARROW poster signing in the autograph pavilion with Adam Green, GWAR/HOLLISTON’s Oderus Urungus, HATCHET 3′s Rileah Vanderbilt, and HOLLISTON/GUILD director Sean Becker.
2.) THURSDAY 5pm.   HOLLISTON / HATCHET 3 / DIGGING UP THE MARROW poster signing at the GEEK NATION booth on the convention floor (Booth #4244 / 4246) with Adam Green, GWAR/HOLLISTON’s Oderus Urungus, and HOLLISTON’s Laura Ortiz.
3.) THURSDAY 8:30pm. The HOLLISTON Panel Presentation in room 24ABC with HOLLISTON stars Adam Green, Oderus Urungus, Laura Ortiz, director Sean Becker, and special host Alison Haislip (THE VOICE).  The panel will include hilarious clips and the WORLD PREMIERE of Lance Rockett’s first music video for “Love It Down Your Throat”!   NOTE: Due to crowd control orders there will be no autograph signing after the panel- just free posters given out quickly for HOLLISTON, HATCHET 3, and DIGGING UP THE MARROW while supplies last.
4.) EVERY DAY from 1pm – 2:30pm.  Artist Alex Pardee will be signing at the Zero Friends booth (#5502 right inside the “A” Entrance) on the convention floor, so you can also pick up this exclusive poster there as well.

Special July 4th SALE!

From now until Sunday July 7th, enter promo code “HollistonNation” in the “promo code” field during check-out and receive 20% off of your entire order from our BUY STUFF merchandise store on this website.  Also note, our popular HOLLISTON “Characters” T-shirt is on sale for only $15 for a limited time only!

Meet ArieScope’s Adam Green and Will Barratt in Indianapolis this weekend!

Filmmaker/actor Adam Green, cinematographer/producer Will Barratt, and HOLLISTON star/GWAR frontman Dave Brockie (“Oderus Urungus”) will be appearing at DAYS OF THE DEAD in Indianapolis this weekend (July 5th – 7th), signing autographs all weekend long and doing a panel presentation on HOLLISTON (Saturday at 1pm).  If you’re coming, bring whatever you have that you want signed (autographs and pictures are FREE as always) and pick up a FREE HOLLISTON Season 2 poster at their booth while supplies last!

New MOVIE CRYPT with Screenwriter Todd Farmer!

A new episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast is here!  Listen as Adam Green sits down with screenwriter Todd Farmer (JASON X, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, and DRIVE ANGRY) to discuss the process of writing a film, the trials and tribulations that come with the art form, how to deal with studio/producer notes, and how to get your own career jumpstarted.  Just click here to listen.

Note: Joe Lynch is out this week due to being stranded in a Memphis airport.