FEARnet sets HOLLISTON 20 episode marathon!

With only two episodes left to air in Season 2, FEARnet has set a HOLLISTON MARATHON for Monday August 5th starting at 10am EST / 7am PST where they will run all 20 episodes that lead up to the following night’s EPIC Season 2 finale.  This is your chance to re-live it all or get up to speed in time for the Season 2 finale!  Even better, FEARnet will be hosting the world television premiere of “Lance Rockett’s” first music video for his “original Van Halen cover” called LOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT during the 20 episode marathon.  Fans can catch an exclusive “making of” the video on as of August 2nd.  The music video (of which a portion will be shown in the Season 2 finale) will be available in it’s entirety for free on-line and the song will be available for purchase on iTunes immediately following the airing of the Season finale on August 6th.

Dee Tiger