It was announced today that FEARNet will be coming to an end.  You can read the full details in Deadline Hollywood’s announcement here.

From HOLLISTON’s creator Adam Green: “In regard to today’s public news about the end of FEARnet, no this does not necessarily reflect on the possibility of future seasons of HOLLISTON as we have always been an independently produced and owned show that FEARnet licensed.  If you listen to THE MOVIE CRYPT then you already know that we have been entertaining other distribution options for quite some time as this news was inevitable.  For now, the future of HOLLISTON is on hold as the cast is continuing our hiatus and planning other projects in the wake of our own tragic loss.  Most importantly I am personally not going to be ready to go back to the show until I’ve had the time I need to heal over the passing of my beloved friend Dave Brockie- however long that takes me.  My condolences to all of my friends and family at FEARnet.  Great people who will go on to even greater things and greater career opportunities.”