Joel Murray on The Movie Crypt

The hilarious Joel Murray (HATCHET, SHAMELESS, MAD MEN, THE ARTIST) sits down with Adam Green and Joe Lynch on this week’s all new MOVIE CRYPT podcast for an extremely candid and no holds barred discussion with stories that will most certainly laugh up your day.  Listen on iTunes or right here.

Joel MurrayJoe Lynch, Joel Murray, “Arwen”, and Adam Green



Adam Green has updated GREEN’S BLOG with a new entry titled “10 Records”.  Enjoy, debate, and bang your head here.

photo 5DANGEROUS TOYS “Dangerous Toys” 1989


Summer Sale!!!

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Director Stuart Gordon on The Movie Crypt

Legendary “master of horror” Stuart Gordon (RE-ANIMATOR) joins Adam and Joe on The Movie Crypt podcast to discuss his incredibly versatile career and much, much, more.  You can download the episode for free on iTunes or play it directly off the Geek Nation website here.

StuartGordonJoe Lynch, Stuart Gordon, “Arwen”, and Adam Green


Director Neil Marshall On The Movie Crypt

GAME OF THRONES may be over for another season, but series director Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT, DOOMSDAY) stops by The Movie Crypt podcast to discuss his episodes of the show and talk all about his extremely diverse and equally successful career.  Learn all about what it means to take career chances by listening to Neil’s episode here.

The_Movie_Crypt_463x265Need to get caught up on an episode you missed?  Download every episode for FREE in iTunes or listen to them directly from Geek Nation here.


Luke Greenfield Guests On The Movie Crypt

Director Luke Greenfield (THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, LET’S BE COPS) joins Adam Green and Joe Lynch on this week’s Movie Crypt featuring the greatest Steven Spielberg story you’ll ever hear.  Listen on iTunes or on Geek Nation right here.