SCARY SLEEPOVER #3 with Tom Holland

The third episode in the first season of our new series “Adam Green’s SCARY SLEEPOVER” is now live!  Iconic writer/director Tom Holland (CHILD’S PLAY, FRIGHT NIGHT, PSYCHO 2) joins Adam for a slumber party filled with candid discussions on cinema, tasty ice cream sandwiches, and of course… bad pajamas.  Grab your pillow, tuck yourself in, and get ready to be taken to film school by one of the genre’s true masters in this incredibly informative episode.  While our YouTube channel offers shorter, “safe for work” versions of each episode, you can watch the extended and uncensored versions right here.

AGSS 103 promo_3

A new episode of “Adam Green’s SCARY SLEEPOVER” premieres every Friday, so spread the word and keep caffeinated so that you don’t fall asleep early and miss something!