Patrick Lussier on The Movie Crypt

Filmmaker Patrick Lussier (writer/director of DRIVE ANGRY, director of MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3d, writer/executive producer of TERMINATOR GENISYS, editor of SCREAM 1-3) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen for a fascinating discussion about his long career in and how he has survived the business so successfully.  From a Canadian trying to get into a decent film school, to his first break as an editor, to working so very closely with Wes Craven, to taking the plunge into the director’s chair… Patrick has done it all and had one of the most enjoyable and inspiring career paths to watch.  The honesty pours out about the various ups and downs, the boys get technical and geek out over editing choices, and you’ll even find out what could have been with certain popular projects that just never made it to the screen.  Trust us… the story will “tear your soul apart.”

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