Take Part in The Movie Crypt’s “ADDICTION SPECIAL”…

This Friday (11/13) Adam Green and Joe Lynch will be recording their incredibly important “ADDICTION SPECIAL” of The Movie Crypt podcast that they have been working so hard to put together for quite some time now. Over the years, so many notable artists have come on The Movie Crypt program and bravely discussed their battles with substance abuse.  As a result… Adam and Joe have personally heard from hundreds of you who have shared your own struggles with addiction or who have expressed just how much you have been inspired by hearing such honest stories from artists whom you admire. The fact of the matter is that the guys would be gravely remiss to not include substance abuse and drug addiction as a major topic with its very own episode on a podcast that centers around the honest hurdles of surviving the entertainment business. Therefore… this Friday night The Movie Crypt welcomes Terry Kirkman to the program (the episode will air Mon 11/16). A true hero who has helped countless artists get (and remain) sober through his selfless work with programs like A.I.R. SUPPORT (Artists In Recovery) and as the Clinical Director for M.A.P. (Musicians Assistance Program), Terry has also been sober himself for just over 31 years now. If you are personally struggling with substance abuse, if you have someone in your life who is battling with addiction, or if you simply want to try and better understand this deadly serious matter (including why/how it happens and most importantly, how to get help)…Episode #130 will be an episode you absolutely cannot miss.

After losing their dear friend and HOLLISTON co-star Dave Brockie to a heroin overdose in 2014, this “ADDICTION SPECIAL” episode will be one of the most difficult, most important, most informative, and most inspiring podcasts that Adam and Joe ever record. Typically The Movie Crypt does a call for “Viewer Mail” on Twitter for each episode, but because a mere 140 character tweet is not possibly enough space to ask the important questions or make the personal comments that so many of you will want to ask or share… Adam and Joe are opening up the floor for emails from the audience for this special episode. Send your emails to “” by Thursday November 12th and the guys will do everything they can to address as many of them as possible during the recording of the episode.

Please, please keep your emails as CONCISE as possible as Adam and Joe will unfortunately only be able to address so many of them on the show.  Also, PLEASE don’t abuse this email address to try and promote yourself or solicit Adam and Joe with your own work. This is something special that they are doing for a very important subject matter. Any emails that do not have to do with the subject matter will be discarded unread before being put in front of Adam and Joe.  Send your questions or comments to “”. Again, this special “ADDICTION EPISODE” with guest Terry Kirkman will be recorded this Friday 11/13 and will air on Monday 11/16.