HOLLISTON In-Store Appearance!

Live in Los Angeles?  Join the cast/crew of HOLLISTON at Dark Delicacies bookstore in Burbank, CA for an in-store appearance on Tuesday evening October 18th at 7pm PST where we’ll be celebrating the release of the graphic novel “Friendship Is Tragic” from Source Point Press.

*UPDATED*  The following artists are confirmed to be signing at the event:  Adam Green (series star, creator, writer, director), Joe Lynch (series star), Sarah Elbert (series producer, star), Sean Becker (series director), “W. Axl The Cat” (series star), Stephen Sharar (comic’s pencils, inks), Joshua Werner (comic’s colors, letting, design) and Travis McIntyre (comic’s editor).  *Note: As always, appearances are subject to professional availability on the evening of the event.

Mark your calendars, strap on your shin pads, and we’ll see you soon, Holliston Nation!