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Watch The Trailer for Season 2 of HORRIFIED!

Watch the official trailer for Season 2 of ArieScope’s original on-line series HORRIFIED!  The horror stories begin again on January 25th, 2017…

s2Click on the image above to view the trailer.

HORRIFIED Season 2 Line-Up Announced!

We’ve announced the 22 new guests for Season 2 of our original on-line series HORRIFIED right here.  The horror stories begin again on Wednesday January 25, 2017 with a new story premiering every Wednesday all the way through June!  Get ready for a full new season of laughs, embarrassment, fear, and tears as you never know what kind of horror story you’re going to get… and you sure are in for some big shocks and surprises this upcoming season!

s2“…and I was horrified.”


Source Point Press has announced they will be releasing another Holliston graphic novel in 2017, based on the horror sitcom Holliston TV series created by filmmaker Adam Green (Hatchet 1-3, Digging Up the Marrow, Frozen). Titled “Holliston: Carnival of Carnage”, the graphic novel will be a sequel to the widely loved “Holliston: Friendship is Tragic” that hit stores just 1 month ago.


“We were overwhelmed by the incredible response to Holliston: Friendship Is Tragic,” says Holliston TV series creator and writer Adam Green, who also stars in the lead role. “Fans warmly embraced the first graphic novel and sales exceeded our wildest expectations right out of the starting gate. The response made the creation of a second book a major priority and also stoked the flames within ourselves to get back on stage together and shoot the long awaited third season of the sitcom as soon as we possibly can.” Green recently met with Source Point Press to discuss the story line for the follow-up graphic novel Holliston: Carnival of Carnage after the rapid high sales of Holliston: Friendship is Tragic.

“We’re thrilled to have a sequel green-lit this quickly,” says Source Point Press Editor-In-Chief Travis McIntire. “The Holliston fans have been incredibly supportive, and we’re pleased that Holliston: Friendship is Tragic was so well received by fans old and new.” The current graphic novel is available in stores and can also be purchased online directly from both ArieScope Pictures and Source Point Press, as well as digital sites such as Comixology, Comic Blitz, and DriveThru Comics. Seasons 1 and 2 of the Holliston sitcom are available on DVD and Blu-ray in numerous stores and online and can also be purchased directly from the ArieScope Pictures website.

Holliston: Carnival of Carnage is being written by Greg Wright, edited by Travis McIntire, with pencils and inks by Stephen Sharar, and colors, letters, and design by Joshua Werner. “It’s great working with the same creative team from the previous book,” says Source Point Press Art Director and Holliston colorist Joshua Werner. “We’re all passionate fans of the show and work well with one another, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s in store. You’re going to get your normal cast of characters that you know and love: Adam, Joe, Corri, and Laura, as well as some surprise appearances from other characters from the TV series and Holliston universe that you didn’t see previously in Friendship is Tragic. Be on the lookout for more information coming soon.”

2017 is sure to be an exciting year for Holliston fans, nicknamed the “Holliston Nation,” as the core cast of the television show has begun rehearsing together again and gearing up for the production of Season 3. The “Holliston Nation” has been passionately waiting for the show’s return ever since tragedy struck the series in 2014 with the death of cast member Dave Brockie (“Oderus Urungus”) and the dissolving of the show’s home television network FEARnet in a corporate merger between Time Warner and Comcast. “Few shows could ever recover from the kind of blows that we’ve been dealt,” says Green, “But then again, few shows have a fan base like ours. They’ve supported us, they’ve laughed with us, they’ve mourned with us, they’ve cried with us, they’ve cheered us on, and they’ve been willing to wait as long as it may take for us to be ready to make a new season. The response to Holliston: Friendship is Tragic not only proved that our fans are still right here with us, but that they’ve only grown in numbers since Season 2 first aired.” Fans that are new to the horror comedy phenomena are encouraged to check out Seasons 1 and 2 of the sitcom and the graphic novel.

Source Point Press is a Detroit-based publisher of horror, supernatural, occult and pulp comics, novels, and art books. Founded in 2012 by Joshua Werner and Trico J. Lutkins, Source Point Press slowly paid their dues on the convention circuit, churning out titles. That hard work has begun to pay off as they find themselves as one of the fastest growing small press publishers in the industry!  More information can be found at, and

ArieScope Pictures is a feature film and television production company formed in 1998 by filmmaker Adam Green and cinematographer Will Barratt. An industry leader in genre fare, ArieScope has produced films including the HATCHET franchise, FROZEN, DIGGING UP THE MARROW, SPIRAL, CHILLERAMA, GRACE, and two seasons of the television sitcom HOLLISTON to date. More information can be found at

That’s A Wrap On HORRIFIED Season 2!

ArieScope has wrapped production on Season 2 of our original series HORRIFIED!  The new season will premiere on Wednesday January 25th with a new episode released every Wednesday for the next 22 consecutive weeks.  The trailer for Season 2 and the announcement of our 22 new guests are coming SOON to…

IMG_5953With Arwen and HORRIFIED’s host Corri English.

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20 Seconds To Live (2015, 2017)

In this award-winning scripted anthology series, various characters meet their untimely demise in twisted, fun, and oftentimes gory situations. Directed/co-created by Ben Rock (ALIEN RAIDERS), written/co-created by Bob DeRosa (KILLERS), and produced by Cat Pasciak (ATARI: GAME OVER), 20 SECONDS TO LIVE is the horror/comedy series for people who hate happy endings.  Meet the filmmakers behind the series here.

Anniversary _V3

Episode 1: “ANNIVERSARY” –  A married couple celebrates a special day, unaware that someone is watching them. WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 6.5.15)


Episode 2: “ASTAROTH” - An amateur demon-worshipper (Derek Mears) must make the ultimate sacrifice. WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 6.12.15)


Episode 3: “CLIMAX” – A young woman enjoys the ride of her life. WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 6.19.15)


Episode 4: “HEARTLESS” – A magician (Graham Skipper) accepts a challenge from his most committed heckler. WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 6.26.15)


Episode 5: “RANSOM” – Two kidnappers prepare to celebrate a big score. WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 7.3.15)


Episode 6: “EVIL DOLL” - When confronted with pure evil, a young woman seeks help from a friend. WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 7.10.15)


Episode 7: “CLEAR” - A paramedic and her rookie partner rush to the aid of a heart-attack victim.  WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 7.17.15)


Episode 8: “CHRISTMAS MORNING” – A couple debates telling their child the truth about Christmas.  WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 12.18.15)


**NEW** Episode 9: “MEDIUM” - Three siblings seek help in ridding their family estate of unwanted spirits. WATCH HERE (Original Air Date: 6.7.17)