Rare Cast Autographed HATCHET Poster!

UPDATED: SOLD OUT!  Remember those super-limited, incredibly awesome, vintage HATCHET posters that our friends at Fright Rags made a small, exclusive run of back in 2011?  We’ve recently come in to just a few of them and they aren’t just in mint condition… each one also comes autographed by writer/director Adam Green and stars Kane Hodder, Joel David Moore, and Parry Shen!  Nowhere else in the universe can you find one of these amazing posters signed by all four stars!  Just in time for the “10th Anniversary” year of HATCHET, too!


Don’t forget, whenever you purchase anything from us or donate/”feed Arwen a treat” in our on-line store you are helping us as we continue to recover from the recent flooding the ArieScope studio endured in the torrential Los Angeles rain storms just a few weeks ago.  These gorgeous 18″ X 24″ autographed posters are going to go fast.  So good luck, display your poster proudly if you are lucky enough to get one, and let it serve as a constant reminder to stay out of his swamp.