Watch Arwen’s Episode of HORRIFIED!

ArieScope mascot and podcaster Arwen (THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast, DIGGING UP THE MARROW) confesses a true story of mystery, terror, revenge, and remorse in this week’s incredible new episode of HORRIFIED.  Watch Episode 2.14 “Arwen” here.


Watch HORRIFIED Ep 2.13 “Jan-Michael Losada”

On this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED cinematographer Jan-Michael Losada (DON’T KILL IT, TALES OF HALLOWEEN) bravely spills his guts about a bargain dinner that had horrifying results. Watch it here.


Arwen’s Birthday Sale!

April is a busy month for ArieScope’s mascot and the co-host of THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast Arwen!  On Friday April 21st the horror genre’s favorite Yorkie will be turning 6 years old and after co-starring in such ArieScope favorites as DIGGING UP THE MARROW and Adam Green’s SCARY SLEEPOVER, on Wednesday April 26th Arwen finally steps up with her first starring role in her very own episode of HORRIFIED.  To celebrate the occasion Arwen is having a “Birthday Sale” – and it’s one of our longest and best sales ever!  Starting today and running all the way through midnight on Saturday April 22nd you can use promo code “arwen” (all lower-case) during check-out and save 15% off of your entire order!  Start your shopping spree now in our “BUY STUFF” store here.

IMG_6749All dressed up and ready for her close-up, Arwen takes center stage and shares her very own real-life tale of terror in Episode 2.14 of HORRIFIED – premiering Wednesday April 26th.

Watch HORRIFIED Ep 2.12 Rudy Sarzo!

On this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED musician Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE, QUIET RIOT, WHITESNAKE) recalls a real-life experience with voodoo spirits that left him feeling horrified.  Watch episode 2.12 “Rudy Sarzo” here.


Victor Crowley Slays Tennessee This Weekend!

This weekend join Adam Green and Joe Lynch at the Chattanooga Film Festival in Tennessee where they’ll be performing/recording a live episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast including 10th Anniversary screenings of HATCHET, WRONG TURN 2, and a special screening of Lynch’s new film MAYHEM!.  It all goes down this Saturday (April 8th) so get your tickets soon from the CFF website here.


HORRIFIED Ep 2.11 Roxanne Benjamin

On this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED filmmaker Roxanne Benjamin (XX, SOUTHBOUND) drop kicks a tale of revenge from her youth that turned horrifying… and very messy.  Watch it here.


HATCHET Comic Issue 0 Is Here!

The first issue of the new HATCHET comic book series from American Mythology (Issue 0 “The Ballad of Jack Cracker”) is here!  Last night some of the original film’s cast and crew participated in an in-store signing at Dark Delicacies Bookstore in Burbank, CA where every last comic in stock sold out within just 30 minutes and as you’ll find in your local stores, the issue is flying off the shelves…

IMG_6706A “SOLD OUT” sign from a local comic store.  Issue 0 sold out within 2 hours of hitting shelves!!

ArieScope received our stock from American Mythology late last night, so starting today our warehouse will be shipping signed copies to the fans that pre-ordered from us.  Adam Green is signing them and our staff is packing and shipping them out as fast as they can- so expect yours to arrive any day now!  Best of all, you won’t have to wait too long for more “Victor Crowley” as the next issue will be released this October!

IMG_6723Joleigh Fioreavanti, Adam Green, and Joel David Moore at Dark Delicacies.

IMG_6722Richard Riehle and Adam Green at Dark Delicacies.

IMG_6724John Carl Buechler and Adam Green at Dark Delicacies.

Thank you to all of the Los Angeles HATCHET fans that made last night’s in-store appearance such a massive success!  We love you all!