We’ve got good news and (sorta) bad news for fans of Adam Green’s SCARY SLEEPOVER.  The good news is that this special Christmas episode is the biggest, longest, and most epic episode of the series ever.  Featuring Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, and Felissa Rose all in one episode, this just may be the greatest SCARY SLEEPOVER episode yet!  The bad news is that while originally expected to premiere tomorrow (Friday 12/15), due to last weekend’s MOVIE CRYPT 48-hour live marathon needing to monopolize all equipment and personnel in order to go off without a single hitch, the finishing process on the SLEEPOVER Christmas Special has been slightly delayed.  But don’t fear as the Christmas Special is set to premiere this Monday (12/18)- so it’s just a minor delay.   We apologize for the delay but as we hope you understand, this has been one hell of a hard week for everyone here with all that goes into pulling off the annual live marathon.  The ArieScope staff may be exhausted and beaten up from the charity marathon but the SLEEPOVER crew is still working around the clock putting the final touches on the episode.

While we know that most of you will be busy lining up to bare witness to that little indie space movie called STAR WARS that opens this weekend anyway, to keep you entertained while you wait we’ve posted two free episodes of HOLLISTON below for your viewing pleasure.  Though we have offered the HOLLISTON “Christmas Special” for free on this site in previous years, this year we’ve also handpicked another of our personal favorite episodes to share with you.  So while you wait for Monday, enjoy the HOLLISTON “Christmas Special” and “Cursed” from Season 2! These episodes will only be available to watch for free for a few days so don’t wait!!!!

AdamCorriiTunesClick the image above to watch the HOLLISTON “Christmas Special!” 

Oderus chokes AdamClick the image above to watch HOLLISTON Episode 2.8 “Cursed!”


This weekend THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast (Adam Green, Joe, Lynch, and Arwen) held their second annual 48-hour LIVE marathon to benefit SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE.  The podcast’s three hosts went on the air live at 5pm on Friday December 8th and stayed on the air (with a non-stop program of special guests stopping by around the clock) until 5pm on Sunday December 10th.  In the end they raised an astounding $22,574.68 for the Yorkies!!!!  (Note: It’s actually going to finish a little higher than that as late donations have continued to trickle in overnight.)  With last year’s total being $13,480.00, THE MOVIE CRYPT crew had only hoped to surpass that amount, but when they exhaustedly crossed the finish line they actually shattered that goal! It was an extremely emotional ending as Santa Claus himself showed up to accept the boys’ own donation of their Patreon earnings for this month (a $4,000.00 donation).

Thank you to every guest that stopped by to share their time and talents on this year’s program.  Thank you to the entire ArieScope family who generously surrounded Adam, Joe, and Arwen with enough support throughout the weekend to make the event run smoothly in all aspects. Thank you to every listener who made a donation – whether it was a straight donation to the cause or by winning an item in “Arwen’s Silent Auction” this year.  Thank you to all who tuned in, participated, and cheered the guys on all weekend long.  But most of all, thank you to the volunteers at SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE who so selflessly volunteer their own time, homes, and money to tirelessly heal and foster these neglected, abandoned, or abused animals all year long before carefully placing them in new, forever homes where they will live out the rest of their lives surrounded by love and never again knowing fear or suffering.

In a time when we are all pummeled with stories of sadness, terror, and tragedy on a daily basis, we hope that this event helped inject a little Christmas spirit into your heart and that you can rest assured that there will always be more good people out there than bad.  Together we made a difference for so many dogs that could never have helped themselves otherwise. There are a whole lot of dogs that will now be able to get the direly needed medical care, food, and shelter they need.  Dogs that in just a short amount of time will be meeting their new, loving families.

THANK YOU to everyone who made this year’s event such a massive success.  We love you all!

IMG_3245Mission accomplished.


UPDATE:  THIS EVENT IS NOW OVER.   Listen to THE MOVIE CRYPT’s 2nd annual 48-hour LIVE marathon to benefit “Save A Yorkie Rescue” starting at 5pm PST on Friday December 8th straight through until 5pm on Sunday December 10th!  When you see Arwen’s face in the box below just click it to start listening!

The marathon begins Friday 12/8 at 5pm PST.

To donate to “Save A Yorkie Rescue” click here.

To view “Arwen’s Silent Auction” click here.



Adam Green’s 4th entry in the HATCHET franchise is coming home on February 6, 2018!  You can pre-order your autographed copy of VICTOR CROWLEY on DVD or Blu-Ray as well as the official VICTOR CROWLEY Tour -T-shirt right here.

Victor_Crowley_INT_1SheetThe theatrical poster for VICTOR CROWLEY.

victor-crowley-tour-front-mock-2_720The official VICTOR CROWLEY tour T-shirt!