FROZEN Turns 8 Years Old!

On this day in ArieScope history Adam Green’s snowy thriller and Sundance darling FROZEN was released in US theaters.  The film would eventually go on to de-throne Green’s HATCHET as Anchor Bay’s most successful genre release of all time and continues to terrify audiences around the world to this day.  You can order your own autographed copy on DVD/Blu-Ray (loaded with over 90 minutes of some of the best special features ever included on an indie film release) or your own copy of the autographed shooting screenplay in our “Buy Stuff” store here.

Here’s what Rex Reed (New York Observer) had to say about the film then:  “FROZEN is a brilliantly conceived, gut-wrenching horror film about every skier’s worst fear, and the talented writer-director Adam Green gives it life in ways that will leave you impacted long after the 94 minutes of unrelenting suspense have ended.  Every aspect of the nightmare is captured as realistically as breathing by director Green, and his screenplay miraculously finds the time to develop character and build rapport between the excellent actors and the audience.  FROZEN is the best kind of horror film, about innocent people plunged into mind-boggling circumstances beyond their control. I predict instant word-of-mouth success at the box office, but it’s no fad or phenomenon.” - Rex Reed (February 2010)


Happy birthday FROZEN!  (We’re still not going skiing anytime soon.)