Since 1998 ArieScope pictures has always continued to create short films in between our feature films and television shows. It’s these “just for fun” projects that keep our original spirit alive and provide us with opportunities to not always take things so seriously while operating within the Hollywood industry. Here you’ll find our annual Halloween short films (made for 19 years now and always with the same rule of “one night, no budget, no stress”) plus many other side projects that we’ve created over the years.

Trick Or Treat (2005)

A man is perpetually bothered by the same guy who keeps ringing his door trying to trick or treat on Halloween night. Starring Chris Romano and Eric Falconer of BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE fame, this short proves that you’re never too old for tricks or treats.

Midnight (2004)

When Scott returns from a week long trip to fins out that someone (or something) has been screaming in his bedroom and disturbing his neighbors every night at midnight… things have only just begun to get creepy. One of the few “scary” Halloween Shorts we have ever made, Midnight has an ending that has caused a lot of screams.

The Real World Hollywood (2003)

A spoof of the popular MTV reality show, our version pits a group of stereo-types (and Michael Myers) together in a Hollywood apartment to try to live together.

Steven’s Room (2002)

Ever wonder why we carve pumpkins on Halloween night? One couple learns the hard way just how serious the legend of “Jack” is and why you never, ever blow out the Jack O’ Lantern before midnight.

Oh, Sherrie (2001)

When Craig met Sherrie at a party back in 1989, emotions ran high, sparks flew, and Sherrie wound up being stalked. Shot on film and one of the biggest productions in ArieScope Halloween short film history, OH SHERRIE remains one of our very favorite short films that we’ve ever made.

Stagefright (2000)

Based on writer/director Adam Green’s real life phobia of public bathrooms, our 2nd annual Halloween short was shot on film, features the biggest cast ever used in an ArieScope short, and remains one of the most ambitious productions of all of our Halloween short films.

Columbus Day Weekend (1998)

When Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers stalk the same campsite by mistake, horny teens are slashed and true love and companionship is found.  Created merely as a joke to screen at an upcoming Halloween party in 1998, COLUMBUS DAY WEEKEND may be the most amateur thing we’ve ever made… but it was our very first short and the one that started it all for ArieScope Pictures.  Keep an eye out for the first use of the “sander to the face gag” which we perfected a decade later in HATCHET.