Adam Green’s SCARY SLEEPOVER is here!

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ArieScope Pictures announces the new on-line series “Adam Green’s SCARY SLEEPOVER” which launched this week on the ArieScope Youtube Channel and in a longer uncensored format right here on  In the spirit of the popular weekly podcast “THE MOVIE CRYPT” that Adam Green co-hosts with fellow director Joe Lynch, “Adam Green’s SCARY SLEEPOVER” is a short form on-line video series that features a different celebrity guest each week joining Green for a childlike slumber party at ArieScope Studios and candidly discussing their work within the genre, what they love about working in horror, and most importantly… what really scares them.

tom color option_1Director Tom Holland (CHILD’S PLAY, FRIGHT NIGHT)

“The concept for this new series was born out of the overwhelming response to THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast,” says Green. “The podcast is a weekly 2-3 hour long audio show that gets super in-depth and more often than not very serious as Lynch and I discuss the craft, the business, and the trials and tribulations of the entertainment industry with our various guests.  My goal with SCARY SLEEPOVER is to bring the fans even more up close and personal with some of their favorite artists in a much more candid and inherently humorous short format video show.  It’s no secret just how much I adore our genre both as a filmmaker and as a fan myself, but the aspect about all of it that I cherish the most is that whether you are a working artist or a fan… together we equally make up our very own culture.  We are a full-on community that is like no other in entertainment.  While I’m so fortunate to have such an enormously passionate fan base that has loyally supported what we do at ArieScope for the past 17 years and thus given us the freedom to make the kinds of projects we truly want to make, I’m equally blessed to have become incredibly close with so very many amazing artists over my years working in Hollywood and by being a part of this whole scene.  I’m excited to share some of that with my extended genre family in a fun and slightly absurd way that they otherwise would never get the chance to experience.  I mean, how often in life will you get to be a fly on the wall at a slumber party with some of horror’s biggest names… or see Sid Haig in a onesie?”

sid color option_1Actor Sid Haig (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, KILL BILL Vol. 2)

Audiences who attended DIGGING UP THE MARROW’s US tour this past February were treated to a short promo for SCARY SLEEPOVER before the movie that featured just a handful of upcoming guests like Kane Hodder, Tiffany Shepis, Tom Holland, Laura Ortiz, and Danielle Harris.  ”Yes, it’s just as ridiculous as it sounds,” proclaimed the voice-over at the end of the promo.  Other guests that have already filmed their episodes include Derek Mears and Sid Haig, with Tony Todd, Darren Lynn Bousman, Bill Moseley, Joe Lynch, and many more all set to shoot their episodes soon.  ”The goal is to eventually get to everyone we can and to feature as many notable artists as possible not only from the horror genre but also from the entertainment industry at large,” continues Green.  ”What I think fans will be surprised by is that despite the silly premise of seeing some of their favorite artists don their favorite pajamas, roll out a sleeping bag, play games, eat junk food, and act like children again… in each episode when I get to the important questions like “what scares you?” the answers are surprisingly personal and real.  You’re not often going to get answers like “I’m scared of spiders” or “I’m afraid of heights” here.  Instead you’re going to hear very personal and far deeper rooted fears.  Family illness, failure, rejection, the current state of the world… nobody has held back.”

danielle color option_1Actress/Director Danielle Harris (HALLOWEEN 4 & 5, AMONG FRIENDS)

While Green serves as SCARY SLEEPOVER’s creator, executive producer, show-runner, and host, the episodes are directed and edited by Sean Becker who’s directorial work includes Felicia Day’s web phenomenon THE GUILD and many of the episodes in the second season of Green’s sit-com HOLLISTON.  ”I think that the best aspect of this series isn’t just that its fun or that it captures these artists while they are put into such an inherently innocent and youthful environment to play in, but that everyone who participates are real life friends of Adam’s and therefore very comfortable with letting their guards down and answering his questions honestly,” says Becker.  ”No one feels the need to be on or to live up to some sort of tough guy or tough girl persona.  An episode may start off with a ton of ball busting or other funny banter but when it gets down to it, everyone has been incredibly honest.”    Green adds, “After working so closely with Sean on HOLLISTON, I trust his instincts implicitly.  Though I may have final approval as the series creator and show runner, it’s really up to Sean as to what makes it into each episode from each sleepover shoot and there are hours and hours of footage to cut down.”  ArieScope’s Will Barratt who serves as SCARY SLEEPOVER’s cinematographer and also as an executive producer on the series adds, “One minute I’m laughing watching these artists force Adam to eat crickets, play with a ouija board in underoos on top of an actual coffin, giving Adam a drag queen style make-over, or playing a heated game of Battleship… but then moments later you might see those same people get very real as they talk about the pressures of never wanting to let their friends down, the ignorance and intolerance of the world we live in, what their fans actually mean to them, or opening up about family members suffering from dementia and Alzheimers.  We’ve always been about letting people behind the curtain, but there have already been some moments in what we’ve shot where the curtain wasn’t just pulled back, it was removed completely.  Sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes it’s cute, sometimes its chock full of fascinating stories, and other times it’s touching.  I never know what to expect since everything is off the cuff.”


Season 1 will consist of 12 episodes, released each Friday on ArieScope’s Youtube Channel that currently has over 3.1 million views.  A longer and uncensored version of each episode will also be released on in the website’s “Shorts” section.  ”For the moment the series will be free for all,” says Green.  ”In theory the influx of traffic that this show brings to will result in fans supporting us by buying one of the many films, TV series sets, T-shirts, posters, or other merchandise that we offer in our site’s “Buy Stuff” store as that is how we’ll be able to continue doing it.  But only time will tell if this initial distribution model needs to change over to a more traditional subscription based or sponsored series in order to keep going and cover the various costs of doing it.  Ideally we keep the series all our own in terms of creative control, but we’ve already been approached by other on-line networks looking to discuss financing and distributing the series on their own outlets exclusively.  Anything is possible and we’re keeping an open mind to all of it.  We’re just excited to do it and so far it’s been a total blast to turn the pure fun of hanging out with friends into a project that people can enjoy.  As much as it may be hard work to pull off each episode given everyone’s schedules, it hardly feels like work at all.”

arwen color option_1Actress Arwen Green (SCHINDLER’S LIST, THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING)

Episode 1 of “Adam Green’s SCARY SLEEPOVER” is now available here and features horror icon Kane Hodder (FRIDAY THE 13th, HATCHET) as the very first guest.  So grab your pillow, roll out your sleeping bag, and whatever you do… don’t wet the bed.