“DON’T DO IT!” – The 2016 Halloween Short!

A man experiences a moral dilemma while carving his Halloween Jack-O-Lantern in ArieScope’s 18th annual Halloween short film.  ”DON’T DO IT!” stars Chase Williamson (JOHN DIES AT THE END, THE GUEST) and Sid Haig (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, JACKIE BROWN) and is now playing in our “SHORTS” section here.

dontdoit“Don’t do it!”

Halloween Sale!

In celebration of ArieScope’s 18th birthday and the release of our annual Halloween short film “Don’t Do It!” we’re having a HALLOWEEN SALE!  Use promo code “happyhalloween” (all one word, all lower-case) at check-out and save 15% on everything you purchase in our on-line store!  Hurry!  This sale ends at midnight on Halloween night and once items are sold out- they’re sold out.

ArieScope HalloweenHappy haunting/shopping!


ArieScope Pictures turns 18 years old today.  Finally we can legally get in to see our own movies!  Celebrate with us by watching your favorite ArieScope film, your favorite episode of HOLLISTON, your favorite ArieScope short film, or an episode of your favorite ArieScope original series today!  Missing any of our films in your DVD/Blu-Ray collection?  Visit our “Buy Stuff” store and fix that!  We’ll be celebrating by releasing our 18th annual Halloween short film in just a few more days!

ariescope logo“In the dark of the cinema we are united.”

That’s A Wrap on Halloween Short #18!

Production has wrapped on ArieScope’s 18th annual Halloween short film!  As always, the title and details won’t be released until the day that the new short premieres on-line, but hold on to your pumpkins as it will be released in just a few more days!

dontdoitThis year we welcome Chase Williamson (JOHN DIES AT THE END) in to our family tradition!

HOLLISTON In-Store Appearance!

Live in Los Angeles?  Join the cast/crew of HOLLISTON at Dark Delicacies bookstore in Burbank, CA for an in-store appearance on Tuesday evening October 18th at 7pm PST where we’ll be celebrating the release of the graphic novel “Friendship Is Tragic” from Source Point Press.

*UPDATED*  The following artists are confirmed to be signing at the event:  Adam Green (series star, creator, writer, director), Joe Lynch (series star), Sarah Elbert (series producer, star), Sean Becker (series director), “W. Axl The Cat” (series star), Stephen Sharar (comic’s pencils, inks), Joshua Werner (comic’s colors, letting, design) and Travis McIntyre (comic’s editor).  *Note: As always, appearances are subject to professional availability on the evening of the event.

Mark your calendars, strap on your shin pads, and we’ll see you soon, Holliston Nation!


“That’s A Wrap!”

Last week ArieScope completed production on our 10th feature film!  Much like how we kept all of the details secret right up until the very first public screening of last year’s DIGGING UP THE MARROW, no details about the new film (written and directed by Adam Green) will be made public until much closer to the film’s release in 2017.  Stay tuned…

Happy Birthday, HATCHET!

HATCHET opened in US theaters 9 years ago today… and the world hasn’t looked at swamps or belt sanders the same way since.  Happy Birthday, Victor Crowley!  And thank you to all of the fans in the Hatchet Army worldwide for 9 years of loyal slasher service.  Our cast and crew love you all!

Writer/Director Adam Green will be touring extensively next year in support of HATCHET’s milestone 10 year anniversary – so stay tuned for news and details about convention appearances, special theatrical screenings of the trilogy, and other events happening in 2017.

hatchetposterfinalHATCHET opened in US cinemas on September 7, 2007.

Remembering Dave Brockie

The cast and crew of HOLLISTON remember our dear friend and brother Dave Brockie who would have turned another year older today.  All of us left on the road behind miss you today and everyday.

Adam OderusDavid Murray Brockie (August 30, 1963 – March 23, 2014)

NEW BLOG: “Sometimes it’s all worth it”

Adam Green has posted a new blog that wraps up this past weekend’s incredible “Movie Crypt” 48-hour live broadcast to benefit SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE.  Read all about it and see the pictures in the “Green’s Blog” section of this website here.

IMG_4283The three podcast amigos.  Exhausted… but happy.


This Friday night (8/5) at 7pm PST Adam Green, Joe Lynch, and Arwen will begin their first ever LIVE broadcast of The Movie Crypt podcast… and stay on the air until 7pm PST on Sunday night (8/7).  This special event is all being done in an effort to benefit SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE and listeners will be encouraged to make donations to the rescue organization as their way of saying “thank you” for the 48 straight hours of exclusive entertainment that the boys (and their special guests) will be providing for free.  SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE is a non-profit, volunteer operated dog rescue that is near and dear to the boys’ hearts given that both are owners of rescued dogs themselves and that Adam’s own Yorkie (Arwen) is the podcast’s beloved official mascot.  All of the money raised will go directly to SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE and help the wonderful people that work there provide much needed medical assistance, foster homes, and (ultimately) permanent placement with loving families.  These dogs have already lost everything once and (in some cases) have even been abused or horrifically neglected by their previous owners, but together we can make sure that as many of these wonderful, wonderful dogs as possible live happily ever after.


The event will be broadcast live on  Just go to the GeekNation homepage and when the event begins on Friday at 7pm PST there will be an area to click on that will start streaming the broadcast for you – for free.  Throughout the weekend Adam and Joe will also be interacting with fans on Twitter, on Adam’s Periscope account, and on other social networking platforms – so that you can join in on the fun, ask questions for the guests, and be a part of the show.  Most importantly- you can donate to Save A Yorkie Rescue at!  Be sure and leave a message for Arwen and the boys along with your donation and they will read it on the air.  Every donation helps so please, please, please give what you can, spread the word to your own friends and followers, and help The Movie Crypt podcast save as many lives as possible with this landmark event.  It has been a year in the planning, three very difficult months of coordination, and the boys certainly aren’t staying awake all weekend long for their (already questionable) health and sanity!  So please give what you can this weekend and help these unfortunate dogs have a chance at a wonderful, healthy, happy life.

Just what can you expect to hear during the weekend?  SO, SO, SO MUCH!  Artists and celebrities from all sides of Hollywood have stepped up to join Adam, Joe, and Arwen in raising money for the rescue.  You’ll hear from people like Seth Green (FAMILY GUY, AUSTIN POWERS), Michael Gladis (MADMEN), comedian Jonah Ray (HIDDEN AMERICA, COMEDY BANG! BANG!), comedian Dave Anthony (MARON, VEEP, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT), producer Sarah Elbert (HATCHET, HOLLISTON), make-up FX artist Robert Pendergraft (HATCHET 1-3, DIGGING UP THE MARROW), and clairvoyant Marilyn Kapp who will communicate with the other side live on the air... and even speak directly with Arwen!  You’ll hear improv comedy from Derek Mears & The Resistance (FRIDAY THE 13th 2009, SLEEPY HOLLOW) as well as from the hilarious comedy duo of Kelly Vrooman & Lauren Pritchard (THE CHICA SHOW, MAD TV).  You’ll hear musical performances from Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE, QUIET RIOT), Ace Von Johnson (FASTER PUSSYCAT), Jason Charles Miller (GODHEAD), and Jesse Snider (BAPTIZED BY FIRE).  You’ll hear exclusive film commentaries for FRIGHT NIGHT (with writer/director Tom Holland), CANDYMAN (with director and co-writer Bernard Rose), THE DEVIL’S REJECTS (with stars Sid Haig and Bill Moseley), and John Carpenter’s THE THING (with guest co-host Drew McWeeny from Hitfix).  You’ll hear short stories generously donated to the cause by best selling authors Clive Barker and Joe Hill. You’ll hear live script readings of Adam Green’s never-before-seen/heard un-produced draft of CABIN FEVER 2, a brand new episode from the upcoming season of HOLLISTON (performed by the cast), and of course… the main event

goonies poster

A live reading of Chris Columbus’ never-before-seen/heard early draft of THE GOONIES performed by an all-star cast including Felicia Day, Jonah Ray, Joel David Moore, Michael Gladis, Deon Richmond, Felissa Rose, Parry Shen, and many more!   (If you’re a GOONIES fan you need to hear this!  It’s very different from the final shooting script but every bit as awesome!)

Tune out or fall asleep and you’ll miss something awesome as very little of this incredible event will ever be re-broadcast again!  So start chugging coffee now because this weekend “we’re staying awake so that they don’t get put to sleep.”  Listen.  Laugh.  Learn.  Be inspired.  And help us save them by donating.

Every dog deserves a life like Arwen’s.  Together we can make a life changing difference for so, so many dogs that are currently sick, scared, hurting, and just praying for a chance to be loved… and then to give that love back in return ten times over.

Arwen autograph signing