In-Store Signing on 2/6 in LA!

On Tuesday February 6th VICTOR CROWLEY slashes on to home video in the US and the cast/crew will be crossing the finish line with a traditional in-store signing at Dark Delicacies Bookstore in Burbank, CA.  Come celebrate the release of the 4th HATCHET film with us and get your DVD or Blu-Ray signed by writer/director Adam Green, producer Sarah Elbert, make-up effects artist Robert Pendergraft, actors Parry Shen, Laura Ortiz, Dave Sheridan, Felissa Rose, Tiffany Shepis, Jonah Ray, Krystal Joy Brown, Katie Booth, and Dave Foy!  (As always, others may be announced or show up and attendance could change based on professional availability.)

This in-store signing is an in-store signing only.  Dark Delicacies will not be taking orders for signed copies on-line.

168662_182526355099863_5868324_nDark Delicacies  3512 W. Magnolia Blvd.  Burbank, CA  91505 

New “BUY STUFF” Store is LIVE!

Our new on-line store has launched!  We’re very excited about this big change as Shopify (our new e-commerce service) promises an even smoother transaction process and to make tracking orders more convenient than ever before.  If you had already placed orders or pre-ordered VICTOR CROWLEY on Blu-Ray or DVD using the previous version of the store- do not fear!  Your items will be shipped as soon as they arrive in stock.

Check out our new store here!

MOVIE CRYPT LIVE in Kansas City!!!

On Saturday January 27th at 7pm, Adam Green and Joe Lynch will perform a LIVE episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast at the Screenland Armour in Kansas City, MO … and you can be part of it! Part of this year’s Panic Fest, this special performance will be recorded and released as its own episode in February. If you’re a fan of the podcast but have never attended a taping of MOVIE CRYPT LIVE you do NOT want to miss this super fun event!  Please note: Due to Arwen’s other professional obligations it is not yet confirmed as to whether or not she will be available to attend this event with Green and Lynch. 

Green’s latest film VICTOR CROWLEY and Lynch’s latest film MAYHEM will also both be screened during the festival this year!  To view the full Panic fest line-up and purchase tickets click here.

Secure your VIP Meet & Greet spot here.



The fourth film in the HATCHET franchise, VICTOR CROWLEY, hits home video in the United States on February 6, 2018!  Pre-order your DVD or Blu-Ray autographed by writer/director Adam Green right here.



Horror icons Kane Hodder (FRIDAY THE 13TH 7-10, HATCHET 1-4), Sid Haig (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES), Danielle Harris (HALLOWEEN 4 & 5, HATCHET 2 & 3),  Felissa Rose (SLEEPAWAY CAMP, VICTOR CROWLEY), and Bill Moseley (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, THE DEVIL’S REJECTS) join Adam Green for a homemade Christmas dinner and slumber party in this very special, extended-length holiday episode of SCARY SLEEPOVER now playing right here.

agss_still_4Spend Christmas with our family this year…


This weekend THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast (Adam Green, Joe, Lynch, and Arwen) held their second annual 48-hour LIVE marathon to benefit SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE.  The podcast’s three hosts went on the air live at 5pm on Friday December 8th and stayed on the air (with a non-stop program of special guests stopping by around the clock) until 5pm on Sunday December 10th.  In the end they raised an astounding $22,574.68 for the Yorkies!!!!  (Note: It’s actually going to finish a little higher than that as late donations have continued to trickle in overnight.)  With last year’s total being $13,480.00, THE MOVIE CRYPT crew had only hoped to surpass that amount, but when they exhaustedly crossed the finish line they actually shattered that goal! It was an extremely emotional ending as Santa Claus himself showed up to accept the boys’ own donation of their Patreon earnings for this month (a $4,000.00 donation).

Thank you to every guest that stopped by to share their time and talents on this year’s program.  Thank you to the entire ArieScope family who generously surrounded Adam, Joe, and Arwen with enough support throughout the weekend to make the event run smoothly in all aspects. Thank you to every listener who made a donation – whether it was a straight donation to the cause or by winning an item in “Arwen’s Silent Auction” this year.  Thank you to all who tuned in, participated, and cheered the guys on all weekend long.  But most of all, thank you to the volunteers at SAVE A YORKIE RESCUE who so selflessly volunteer their own time, homes, and money to tirelessly heal and foster these neglected, abandoned, or abused animals all year long before carefully placing them in new, forever homes where they will live out the rest of their lives surrounded by love and never again knowing fear or suffering.

In a time when we are all pummeled with stories of sadness, terror, and tragedy on a daily basis, we hope that this event helped inject a little Christmas spirit into your heart and that you can rest assured that there will always be more good people out there than bad.  Together we made a difference for so many dogs that could never have helped themselves otherwise. There are a whole lot of dogs that will now be able to get the direly needed medical care, food, and shelter they need.  Dogs that in just a short amount of time will be meeting their new, loving families.

THANK YOU to everyone who made this year’s event such a massive success.  We love you all!

IMG_3245Mission accomplished.


UPDATE:  THIS EVENT IS NOW OVER.   Listen to THE MOVIE CRYPT’s 2nd annual 48-hour LIVE marathon to benefit “Save A Yorkie Rescue” starting at 5pm PST on Friday December 8th straight through until 5pm on Sunday December 10th!  When you see Arwen’s face in the box below just click it to start listening!

The marathon begins Friday 12/8 at 5pm PST.

To donate to “Save A Yorkie Rescue” click here.

To view “Arwen’s Silent Auction” click here.



Adam Green’s 4th entry in the HATCHET franchise is coming home on February 6, 2018!  You can pre-order your autographed copy of VICTOR CROWLEY on DVD or Blu-Ray as well as the official VICTOR CROWLEY Tour -T-shirt right here.

Victor_Crowley_INT_1SheetThe theatrical poster for VICTOR CROWLEY.

victor-crowley-tour-front-mock-2_720The official VICTOR CROWLEY tour T-shirt!

The official poster for the 2nd annual MOVIE CRYPT “SAVE THE YORKIES” marathon!

We’re thrilled to unveil the official poster for THE MOVIE CRYPT’s 2nd annual SAVE THE YORKIES 48-hour live marathon! Created by our friends Stephen Sharar and Joshua Werner from SOURCE POINT PRESS (“Holliston: Friendship Is Tragic” and the upcoming “Holliston: Carnival of Carnage”) the poster depicts Adam Green, Arwen, and Joe Lynch as “Batman,” “Robin,” and “The Joker.”
You too can be a hero by helping THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast save as many dogs as possible during this year’s 48-hour marathon! Whether it’s buying something in Arwen’s Silent Auction or simply donating a little of whatever you can – every dollar helps save the life of a homeless, abused, or sick dog.  Love this artwork as much as we do? Well, good news! Stephen and Joshua were kind enough to generously donate the original artwork to Arwen’s Silent Auction! You’ll have a chance to bid on the piece (and dozens of other amazing items that Arwen’s friends have donated to the cause) when Arwen’s Silent Auction goes live!
December 8th – 10th – join Adam, Joe, Arwen and dozens of celebrity guests during THE MOVIE CRYPT’S 2nd annual SAVE THE YORKIES 48-hour live marathon.  The live broadcast will be carried right here on as well as several other sites that will be carrying the feed that weekend. More details are on their way to save the day…

ArieScope Records / EMP to release new IGNITOR record!


Austin classic Metal crew IGNITOR will release their new album Haunted By Rock & Roll Friday, 11/24 via EMP LABEL GROUP, in conjunction with horror Icon Adam Green’s ArieScope Records. HBRR is the fourth release to feature the renowned Metal vocalist Jason McMaster of Dangerous Toys and Watchtower. The album features 9 new tracks of IGNITOR’s trademark brand of classic NWOBHM inspired Metal, including “To Brave the War”, “No Sanctuary”, and a cover of the RAVEN classic “Hung, Drawn, and Quartered”.


The band has released the video for album track “To Brave The Way”, which can be viewed here.

Haunted also features “Hatchet (The Ballad of Victor Crowley)”, the theme to Green’s upcoming VICTOR CROWLEY, the fourth installment in the cult classic HATCHET horror franchise, featuring Kane Hodder reprising his title role as the murderous, swamp-dwelling Victor Crowley.

Says Green, “The first concert I ever went to was DANGEROUS TOYS when they performed at Boston’s Orpheum Theater back in 1989.  From that moment on Jason McMaster played a pivotal role in my life musically and I’ve followed everything he’s ever done since.  Almost 30 years later, to be putting out IGNITOR’s Haunted By Rock & Roll through my own sublabel ArieScope Records, with EMP LABEL GROUP, and for the band to have written the song “Hatchet” (The Ballad of Victor Crowley)” specifically for the latest entry in my HATCHET slasher film franchise, is truly a dream come true.  IGNITOR represents everything that made me fall in love with metal to begin with.”

McMaster adds, “I met Adam because he was a huge Toys fan.. We started sending tweets back and forth on Twitter, and I honestly had no idea who he was at the time. Eventually, he flew down for a Dangerous Toys show in San Antonio. He didn’t bug me for passes, I didn’t even meet him that night, he just came down, watched the show and left, which was really cool. I did give him a shout-out from the stage that night, and he was super excited about it.  So we became friends and, eventually I realized who he was. We started talking more, emailing etc, and he told me how much he loved “Demon Bell”, and the SHOCKER soundtrack, and he asked if I would do a song for one of his movies. So I wrote “Hatchet (The Ballad of Victory Crowley)”, a suggested song title from one of his writing partners, as a nod to “Demon Bell (The Ballad of Horace Pinker). It’s a killer song, and a really cool story. Thom (Hazaert) from EMP, directed a short film documentary about the SHOCKER soundtrack a few years ago for SCREAM FACTORY, that I took part in, with David (Ellefson), as well, so it’s really cool how all these things come around full circle.”

In 2003, former Agony Column guitarist Stuart “Batlord” Laurence , with guitarist Beverly Barrington, bassist Brendon Bigelow, and drummer Pat Doyle, set out to start a Classic Metal band. After a surprisingly short search, vocal powerhouse Erika Tandy was recruited, and IGNITOR was born.

After releasing ROAD OF BONES in 2005, and the departure of vocalist Erika Tandy, IGNITOR solidiered on, writing and recording their next full-length release, THE SPIDER QUEEN, while searching far and wide for a new vocalist. Enter Texas metal legend Jason McMaster of Watchtower and Dangerous Toys, who offered to lend his legendary vocal talents to the new album. And just like that, IGNITOR was back in business.

With Jason at the helm (and mic), IGNITOR released THE SPIDER QUEEN in 2009, followed by YEAR OF THE METAL TIGER in 2012, and metal tribute album MIX TAPE ’85 in 2013.