ArieScope Studio Hit By Flood

On Friday February 17th, Southern California was pummeled with the worst torrential rain the area has received in many, many years.  Los Angeles was hit with flash floods, sink holes, and a massive path of destruction in which homes and vehicles were destroyed.  In a few tragic cases lives were lost in the storm.  While we are grateful to report that everyone in our family was unharmed by the severe weather, unfortunately we can’t say the same for our beloved studio.  Our home.


The flooding was bad.  Several items from our 19 years of filmmaking (so far) were destroyed while various props and creature displays from our films were damaged.  Though some of the items were irreplaceable and are now just memories, the good news is that we have already begun the clean-up work, most all of our film’s props that were damaged will be refurbished and restored, and ArieScope Pictures will most certainly live to fight another day.  However, your help is greatly needed now more than ever.  Please consider buying something from our on-line store or donating to ArieScope/THE MOVIE CRYPT through our “Feed Arwen A Treat” option located in our “BUY STUFF” section right here.  With the help of our fans we hope to be back on our feet quickly.


Yes, this week’s episode of HORRIFIED will still premiere this Wednesday no matter what we have to do to pull it off in time.  Rain or shine (or in this case- lots of rain) we always meet our deadlines.  And for those who have asked via social networking… do not fear, Arwen is fine and was not harmed in the flooding.  In fact, to add her own comical twist in all of this… she tried to swim in the flooded area right before going home for the evening.  Arwen loves swimming and as far as she is concerned a pool is a pool… and laughter is always the best medicine.

FullSizeRenderThank you for your concern, your well wishes, and especially for your generosity in supporting us right now.  We love you all.

-Adam Green and the entire ArieScope family

Watch HORRIFIED Ep 2.4 “Sid Haig”

“Captain Spaulding” himself and legendary actor Sid Haig (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, HATCHET 3) bares his soul with a heartfelt and moving story of love and loss in this week’s brand new episode of HORRIFIED now playing right here.


NEW HORRIFIED! Watch Ep 2.3 “Mike Mendez!”

On this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED filmmaker Mike Mendez (BIG ASS SPIDER, TALES OF HALLOWEEN) shares a real-life horror story that will change the way you view public bathrooms forever.  Watch Episode 2.3 “Mike Mendez” here.


HORRIFIED Ep 2.2 “Laura Ortiz”

Watch this week’s new episode of ArieScope’s original series HORRIFIED featuring actress Laura Ortiz (HOLLISTON, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, HAPPY ENDINGS)!  Now playing here.


Watch the Season Premiere Of HORRIFIED!

Watch the second season premiere of ArieScope’s original on-line series HORRIFIED featuring an incredible true story from actor/director Michael Rosenbaum (SMALLVILLE, IMPASTOR, BACK IN THE DAY)!

michaelNow playing right here.


ArieScope has begun accepting pre-orders for the first issue of the upcoming HATCHET comic book series!  ”Issue 0″ will hit stores this Spring with four variant covers available to choose from.  Shop in our BUY STUFF store here where you can pre-order one of the four variants, order all four covers together, or order one of the ultra rare “Slash Fiction” covers (limited to only 50 copies for sale) that come with a specialized blank sketch cover containing a handwritten, one-of-a-kind short story written by HATCHET’s creator, writer, and director Adam Green.

Hatchet 0 LaRocque CvrCover #3 pictured above.  All comics sold here come autographed by Adam Green.


TONIGHT (Thursday January 12th) at 9pm PST HOLLISTON’s Adam Green, Corri English, Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz, and W. Axl Rose The Cat will be broadcasting LIVE from the ArieScope studio as they take a break from Season 3 rehearsal to take part in a Periscope session with fans!  The live fan chat will take place on Green’s Periscope channel (@Adam_Fn_Green) and on the HOLLISTON Facebook Page here.  Each cast member will tweet the link out when the broadcast begins so follow everyone on Twitter (@Adam_Fn_Green, @Clenglish, @TheJoeLynch, @LauraTiz) to be sure not to miss it!


This live event is not expected to last more than 20 minutes as the cast has an overwhelming amount of work ahead of them and will need to get back to rehearsing.  But what better motivation to keep working hard than to take a break and spend some time with YOU, the fans?  See you on Periscope tonight, Holliston Nation!

“Metal, Ghosts, & Yorkies! So Long 2016!”

Happy New Year!  Bid farewell to 2016 by reading Adam Green’s annual year-end blog/novel “Metal, Ghosts, & Yorkies!  So Long 2016!” in GREEN’S BLOG section right here.


Watch The Trailer for Season 2 of HORRIFIED!

Watch the official trailer for Season 2 of ArieScope’s original on-line series HORRIFIED!  The horror stories begin again on January 25th, 2017…

s2Click on the image above to view the trailer.

HORRIFIED Season 2 Line-Up Announced!

We’ve announced the 22 new guests for Season 2 of our original on-line series HORRIFIED right here.  The horror stories begin again on Wednesday January 25, 2017 with a new story premiering every Wednesday all the way through June!  Get ready for a full new season of laughs, embarrassment, fear, and tears as you never know what kind of horror story you’re going to get… and you sure are in for some big shocks and surprises this upcoming season!

s2“…and I was horrified.”