Tour dates for Adam Green’s Fall tour with VICTOR CROWLEY have been announced!  Don’t see a city near you on the list yet?  Don’t fear!  More cities/dates will be added as they are confirmed!  To view the most current list of tour dates click right –> HERE <–!


IMG_0558“See you on the road, Hatchet Army!”


ArieScope is excited to announce the exclusive tour merchandise for Adam Green’s DISMEMBER AMERICA 2017 tour with the 4th HATCHET film: VICTOR CROWLEY.  Please read all descriptions thoroughly.

These items will be sold exclusively at the US tour stops for Adam Green’s DISMEMBER AMERICA 2017 TOUR.  [UPDATE: As of 3/16/18 all tour merchandise has been shipped.]

Q: “I’m attending a tour date that Adam Green will not be attending in person, can I still order the exclusive tour merchandise by sending in a photo of my ticket stub?”   A:  [UPDATE 12/13/17] We are not accepting any more on-line orders for tour merchandise.

Q: “The tour isn’t coming to a theater near me!  Can I still get any of the tour exclusives?”  A: We suggest reaching out to your fellow fans on social networking who will be attending a tour date as perhaps you can find someone willing to get you the tour exclusives you’re looking for.  With our 2015 “TOURING THROUGH THE MARROW” tour many fans connected with each other on-line to help each other out with getting the exclusives they were hoping for.  Some of the items you see below may be offered after the tour in our on-line store in a slightly different version but if we were to offer the exact same things on-line then the items wouldn’t be “tour exclusives” anymore would they?  For collectors, the fact that only a limited amount of these specific items will ever be made means everything.

Q: “But I want that stuff, too- just take my money!”  A: It’s not about trying to sell as many things as possible.  Far from it as each item is expensive and extremely time consuming to make per order.  It’s about creating a special opportunity for the fans that asked their theaters to book the film and for those who traveled far and wide to attend a tour date and see Adam in person and watch VICTOR CROWLEY on the big screen the way it was meant to be seen.

Q: “I want to leave the theater with all of my stuff!  Why won’t you have the tour exclusives physically there at the theater?”   A: Not only would it be physically impossible to travel from city to city every night with enough merchandise for every screening, but even more importantly- every item is custom made to order by hand.  Only the DISMEMBER AMERICA TOUR 2017 posters will be physically there at the theater.  The other items will just have a prototype there on display so that you can see exactly what it looks like.  No, display items will not be for sale.

Here are the tour exclusives!!!

1. VIP EXPERIENCE.  This is the most popular thing on every tour and it always sells out fast.  PLEASE READ THIS INFO THOROUGHLY.

The VIP EXPERIENCE is completely separate from your actual movie ticket.  It does not include admission to the screening.  You must purchase your actual movie ticket through the theater as we have nothing to do with the theater’s side of things.  VIP EXPERIENCES are extremely limited (usually only about 15 or less per event depending on the size of the theater) so don’t delay.  VIP EXPERIENCES ARE NOT OFFERED FOR SCREENINGS THAT ADAM GREEN WILL NOT BE ATTENDING.  If something changes and Adam is added to your tour city at a later date we will add VIP options for that stop if enough time permits.  Here’s how it works:

With the purchase of a VIP EXPERIENCE for your city’s screening you will be admitted into the theater (or another special area) 60 minutes before the general audience.  VIP’s will have their names on a list at the front of the line and will be able to meet Adam Green, get autographs, take photos, and buy tour merchandise before anyone else attending the event that night even gets into the theater.  The limited edition exclusive tour poster (seen below) will also be included with your VIP EXPERIENCE and you will be handed your poster there at the VIP meet and greet so that Adam can sign it for you if you wish.  It is up to you to make your way to the front of any line that has formed and let our staff member know that you are VIP.  Show your movie ticket and then give your name to our staff member.  He will check your name off the VIP list and let you into the theater.  Most fans who get the VIP EXPERIENCE love it because it means you can go straight home after the Q&A.  You don’t need to line up with everyone else for merchandise or for a chance to meet Adam and get autographs/photos.  Some of these screenings will let out very late so being able to get in first and then leave right afterwords sure is nice!   WE HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT YOU PRINT OUT YOUR E-MAIL RECEIPT FOR YOUR VIP EXPERIENCE AND BRING IT WITH YOU.  That will serve as your proof should there be any confusion with the list.  Important: if someone else tries to use your name or show a copy of your receipt a second time you will both be thrown out without a refund so be careful with your receipt.  VIP EXPERIENCES will not be sold at the event.  It is up to you to be on time.  We are not responsible if you are late and miss your VIP EXPERIENCE.  Price = $60 each.  (Includes the $45 tour poster art print so if you were already planning on getting the print- it’s really only $15 for the early, more private meet and greet!)

To order a VIP EXPERIENCE for YOUR city, visit our “BUY STUFF” store here, read all of the details in the item description, and select the screening you will be attending.  [UPDATE:  VIP experiences are no longer listed in the store now that the tour is over.]

CrowleyVIPLook for THIS image in the “Buy Stuff” store to purchase your VIP EXPERIENCE.

2. VICTOR CROWLEY’S SKULL.  This one is f**king amazing, Hatchet Army!  Molded from the exact same screen-used mold used for Victor Crowley’s exposed skeleton in HATCHET 3, these extremely limited sculptures are made of polyurethane foam and urethane plastic and are individually handmade and painted by the HATCHET series’ FX team at Aunt Dolly’s Garage.  The tour exclusive versions are each discretely labeled “Tour 2017 / Series 1″ and come autographed by HATCHET series’ FX artist Robert Pendergraft and creator Adam Green on the back.  (Should a limited run of these sculptures ever be made available to the general public on-line at a later date they will not be inscribed as “Tour 2017/ Series 1″ and will have other differences made to the sculpture/paint job itself.  These are a one of a kind run!)   Because each skull is handmade to order (each one takes several days to make) and because there is absolutely no way to travel from city to city every night with these high-end props, you will need to order yours at the screening and it will be shipped to you when it is ready.  This is easily the greatest HATCHET item we’ve ever made available so do not miss out!  Price = $150 each.  Credit cards or cash only.  Limit of 3 per customer on tour.  

Skull sculptA look at the work-in-progress Crowley Skull sculpture.

IMG_1229The finished fully painted prototype.



Crowley Skull H3As seen on screen in HATCHET 3.

3. BLOODY PROP HATCHET.  Back by popular demand, these incredible prop hatchets are each handmade from the original mold that was used to create every one of Victor Crowley’s hatchets used on-screen in all four HATCHET films.  These are exactly what you see Kane Hodder using in each of the films!  Custom made to order by the HATCHET series’ FX team at Aunt Dolly’s Garage, each hatchet has a unique blood splatter on the blade and no two are exactly alike.  Because each hatchet is handmade to order (each one takes several days to make) and because there is absolutely no way to travel from city to city every night with these high-end props, you will need to order yours at the screening and it will be shipped to you when ready.  WARNING: Though these props are made of polyurethane foam they should never be used to strike another person or an animal!  Keep out of reach of children!  Price = $125 each.  Credit cards or cash only.  Limit of 3 per customer on tour.

HatchetsTwo different hatchets are pictured to show the differences in unique blood splatters.

4. VICTOR CROWLEY DOLL. Exactly as seen in the new film VICTOR CROWLEY!  Victor Crowley has never been more adorably sinister!  Each cloth doll is handmade to order by series’ producer Sarah Elbert (who personally deigned and created the prop dolls seen on-screen in the film) and comes with yarn for hair and holding a miniature hand-painted plastic hatchet in his hand.  While these soft dolls may seem suitable for children, please note that they are delicate and that the plastic hatchet can easily be pulled off and possibly swallowed so we advise that any interaction with children be carefully supervised (or that you pull off the hatchet before letting a child anywhere near it).  Because each doll is handmade to order by producer Sarah Elbert herself, you will need to order yours at the screening and it will be shipped to you when ready.  (An extremely limited amount of these will eventually be made available to the general public on-line at a later date.)  Price = $60 each.  Credit cards or cash only.  Limit of 3 per customer on tour.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 6.03.39 AMAs seen in the film VICTOR CROWLEY!  Handmade per order!

5. “I, SURVIVOR” NOVEL.  Own the actual book seen in the film!  That’s right, “Andrew Yong’s” autobiography that he is promoting in VICTOR CROWLEY is actually a real novel written by Adam Green and Joe Knetter!  Now you can read “Andrew’s” life story and his firsthand account of surviving the 2007 massacre in Honey Island Swamp- including the turmoil of his 2008 trial when he was blamed for the murders of over 40 people.  It’s a movie prop come to life!  (How many movies have ever done this before?)  The tour exclusive version is a limited first-edition hardcover copy exactly as seen in the movie and comes autographed by writers Adam Green and Joe Knetter.  When the book is made available to the general public it will be in softcover form – so order yours on the tour!  You will need to pre-order your tour exclusive copy at your screening.  Price = $45 each. (The tour hardcover copy arrives autographed by Green and Knetter).  Credit cards or cash only.  Limit of 3 books per customer.  NOTE: According to the publisher, please plan on an early Spring delivery and that way you can be pleasantly surprised if it shows up much earlier.  Though not formatted for the printer at the time of the tour, the total page count is projected to be around 225-250 pages.

IMG_1221“I SURVIVOR” by Andrew Yong.  (Written by Adam Green & Joe Knetter)

6. EXCLUSIVE TOUR POSTER.  Created by artist Cody Schibi these high quality 16″ X 20″ full color lithograph prints are printed on 100lb cover weight paper stock using archival inks (museum display quality) and are only available on the tour.  (Unless you are attending a tour date where Adam Green and the merchandise table will not be there in which case you will be able to order a print when you email us a photo of your ticket stub/receipt as explained above.  Posters will arrive signed by Adam Green.)   Commemorate the fact that you were among the very first in the world to see VICTOR CROWLEY and display your gory memories of the night on your wall for years to come with this gorgeous print.  Adam Green will be happy to sign all prints at the theater that night.  (VIP EXPERIENCE fans will be handed their print when they meet Adam before the rest of the fans in line.)  Price = $45 each.  Credit card or cash only.  Limit of 2 per customer.

tour watermarkThe official tour poster print for Adam Green’s DISMEMBER AMERICA TOUR 2017 by artist Cody Shibi. (Image watermarked for display only.)

7. VICTOR CROWLEY HALLOWEEN SWAMP TOUR!  ***SPECIAL EVENT***  October 31st.  10pm – 2:00am.  To celebrate the Halloween night screening of VICTOR CROWLEY, director Adam Green and star Kane Hodder (“Victor Crowley” himself) will be taking a small group of fans on a late night haunted swamp tour to hunt for the real Victor Crowley after the screening at the Prytania Theater in New Orleans, LA!  If you’re a fan of the HATCHET series this is the opportunity of a lifetime!

At 10:15pm we’ll leave on the “Scare Bus” (a bus that is privately chartered just for us)!  The bus will transport our group of victims… er, tourists… directly from the Prytania Theater to Victor Crowley’s swamp where we will climb aboard our own private “Scare Boat!”  Once we cast off, Adam Green and Kane Hodder will serve as your haunted swamp tour guides as they share stories from the making of all four HATCHET films, answer your questions, take photos with fans, and bring you an up close and eerie glimpse at Victor Crowley’s real-life domain on Halloween night!  (The very night that Victor Crowley first died!)  Hold on tight, stick closely together, and get ready for every HATCHET fan’s nightmare come true!  Fans are encouraged to bring their own Jack-O-Lanterns as we hope to lure the ghost of Victor Crowley as close to our boat as possible.The bus will return whatever pieces are left of our tour group to the Prytania Theater around 1:30/2am.  It will be a night to dismember!   $100 per victim.  Tickets go on sale here on Friday October 13th at 2pm.  More details are available in the item description.

WeldSwamp“Ya’ll gonna die.”  - Jack Cracker 


Order forms for these tour exclusives will be available at each tour stop where Adam is appearing.  You will order and pay there.  Once payment has been accepted our Los Angeles crew will begin the process of creating your items.  AS OF DECEMBER 2017 WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING ANY MORE ORDERS.  While poster prints will be physically available on site, all other items will be custom made and shipped out in the order they are completed. (The novel however will likely have an early Spring arrival as noted above.)  Please remember that the skulls, hatchets, and dolls are all unique, handmade items!  Each one takes several days to make and is custom made by hand with loving care.  Our crew will be working around the clock fulfilling orders and shipping them out- so be patient.  As of 3/16/18 all skulls, hatchets, and dolls have been completed and shipped.

VICTOR CROWLEY Receives A Standing Ovation In London!

Last night, VICTOR CROWLEY received yet another standing ovation.  Following the film’s European Premiere in London, the audience at FrightFest gave Adam Green and his latest HATCHET film a full standing ovation – which was only the second time in the festival’s 18 year-long history that the audience has ever given a film/filmmaker a standing ovation.

StandingOOne of the most successful screenings in FrightFest history.

The premiere began with Adam Green paying tribute to the late George A. Romero who was not only the one who convinced Green to make a fourth HATCHET film but who was also the only other filmmaker to ever receive a standing ovation from the FrightFest audience.  It was an emotional night that began with Green speaking from the heart about the painful events that lead to him deciding to bring “Victor Crowley” back.  (Read the whole story in his blog here.)

IMG_0642Honoring a master.  If not for George A. Romero this film may have never happened.

What followed was one of the most raucous screenings in FrightFest history.  The packed audience laughed, screamed, cheered, and applauded as VICTOR CROWLEY unfolded on the enormous IMAX screen before them.  We would post the glowing reviews that the film has received so far but as Adam said in his blog announcing the new film… we’re hoping that you won’t read any reviews or risk having any details spoiled for you before seeing the film for yourself.

IMG_0643For once even Adam Green was speechless.  Imagine that.

Though we thought that Tuesday night’s surprise unveiling/premiere in Los Angeles could never be beat with its two standing ovations… somehow the energy from the fans in London blew away even that.  It was a night that those of us behind the scenes of VICTOR CROWLEY will never, ever forget and easily one of the most memorable nights in the decade long history of the HATCHET franchise so far.  It sure has been a hell of a week for all of us at ArieScope!

IMG_2730Adam Green and Kane Hodder took part in a 30 minute long Q&A after the film.

Thank you, London.  Thank you for showing us that the long, hard road to make this film was all worth it.  Stay tuned here as Adam Green’s “VICTOR CROWLEY TOUR” dates and cities are announced over the coming days.  While some of the dates have now been posted, the bulk of them are coming very, very soon.  If you’re a fan of the HATCHET series, trust us… you want to try and see VICTOR CROWLEY on the tour if at all possible.

IMG_0644Adam Green displays a fan-made tribute to “Victor Crowley” at the London premiere.


Last night Adam Green unveiled a surprise new HATCHET film to an audience full of fans in Hollywood, CA.  Disguised as a “10th Anniversary” screening, the audience was treated to the first ever screening of VICTOR CROWLEY- the fourth installment in the HATCHET franchise.  Read all about it in Green’s latest blog here.



UPDATED: Due to popular demand the Arclight Hollywood has now moved this event onto an even bigger screen at the theater!  That means more seats to go around for all!  We are kicking off the “HATCHET “10th Anniversary Tour” in style just with a FREE event for fans at the Arclight Hollywood in Los Angeles on Tuesday night 8/22!  It will be an incredible, star-studded night with cast members from all three HATCHET films and other celebrity guests walking the red carpet beforehand, a special screening that will include never before seen footage, a legendary Q&A after the film, and more as we celebrate 10 years of “Victor Crowley” together.

hatchetposterfinalHATCHET officially opened in US theaters on September 7, 2007.

Scheduled to appear (so far): Adam Green, Kane Hodder, Parry Shen, Joel David Moore, Mercedes McNab, Joleigh Fioreavanti, Tamara Feldman, Richard Riehle, Patrika Darbo, Joel Murray, Derek Mears, Cody Snider, Tom Holland, Sid Haig, Caroline Williams, Sarah Elbert, Will Barratt, FX artist Robert Pendergraft, and more from the HATCHET franchise!  But that’s not all!  Other celebrity guests will be attending the celebration to show their support for this milestone anniversary including TWISTED SISTER’s Dee Snider, IMPRACTICAL JOKERS’ Brian “Q” Quinn, MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER’s Jonah Ray, SLEEPAWAY CAMP’s Felissa Rose, HOLLISTON’s Joe Lynch and Laura Ortiz, SCARY MOVIE’s Dave Sheridan, and many, many more.  With so much love and support from the entertainment industry and horror community- you never know who you might meet there!  So have your cameras ready, bring stuff to be signed, and have an arsenal of sharpie pens on you just in case you get a quick moment with someone you’re hoping to meet.  Video cameras will be on site to document this special night and capture statements from the fans to be shared with the world- so if you see one of our cameras, go say hello!

armylogoFor 10 years now this symbol has represented the greatest fans on earth.

This fan celebration is FREE!  So then… how do you get in??  Pay attention here because this info is important:  While Arclight has now moved this event on to one of their bigger screens, it is still first come first serve.  Showtime is expected to begin around 8pm and we’re told that the Arclight staff should begin seating fans around 7:15/7:30.  (Exactly when they begin seating people is entirely up to them so please be patient.)  We highly recommend lining up EARLY and not risking it.  Want to get moved to the front of the line?  Cosplay as your favorite character from the movies, wear your “Victor Crowley” Halloween mask, show your ArieScope pride (HATCHET, HOLLISTON, MARROW, MOVIE CRYPT, ADAM GREEN, ARIESCOPE and other shirts will surely help get you noticed by our staff) and you will be moved to the front of the line right before going in!   [NOTE: Use common sense.  No real weapons will be allowed inside so leave those out of your costume if you wear one.]

IMG_6564Be like this fan and get moved up in line!

For those who can’t get to Hollywood for this special night… fear not as we’re just getting started!  Cities, dates, and information about this Fall’s tour dates, screenings, and convention appearances will be announced SOON- including a very special event when Adam Green and Kane Hodder (“Victor Crowley” himself) will return to New Orleans for a special Halloween night celebration to dismember!  Tour information will be available soon so keep checking back here and follow Adam Green on Twitter (@Adam_Fn_Green) to hear announcements first and find out how to purchase tickets to upcoming screenings/events.  Organizing a tour like this, traveling like this, being away from home (and having to stop work on other upcoming projects) for so long is incredibly difficult to pull off.  We’re going to try and hit as many places as we can so please be patient and don’t take it personally if this tour can’t get to a theater near you.  We’re doing everything we can and it’s the biggest tour Adam Green has ever done.

For now- it’s all about this fan celebration on Tuesday night August 22nd at Arclight Hollywood on Sunset Blvd.  Come early, come prepared to have a party, and be prepared to celebrate 10 years of “Victor Crowley” with us.  In a perfect world there would be limitless seats and enough room for everyone, but reality dictates that the theater can only hold so many people.  So really… if you want to get in… line up early.  It’s going to be a bloody fun night!

desktopVictor Crowley returns to slay Arclight Hollywood 10 years later.


You can now pre-order your autographed vinyl record of HADDONFIELD’s “Ghosts Of Salem” in our BUY STUFF store here. The vinyl is set to be released on Friday October 13th through ArieScope Records/EMP Label Group but you can only get a copy autographed by lead singer Adam Green here through ArieScope!

GDOB-30H3-007 3.5mm spine

HADDONFIELD CDs, LPS, promotional posters, T-shirts, and bundle packages are all being offered for pre-order directly from our partners at EMP here.  But only is offering autographed vinyl records of the release.  ”Ghosts Of Salem” will be available digitally (wherever you buy digital music) on September 15th with the CD and LP arriving on October 13th- the very same weekend that HADDONFIELD will be performing at “Rock & Shock” in Worcester, MA.  [NOTE: We cannot guarantee that we will have copies of the record on hand at “Rock And Shock” as it all depends when the units arrive to our warehouse.  If we DO have them in time than we will bring a select number of copies to the convention.)  By pre-ordering through us you not only save $5 off of the eventual list price we’ll be selling these for when they are in stock ($40)… you also guarantee that you actually get a copy as these are being manufactured in a limited supply.  (Plus- we always ship pre-orders first.)

Hear HADDONFIELD’s song “Among The Dogs” during the opening 10 minutes of THE MOVIE CRYPT, Episode 217 “Don Mancini” here.

HaddonfieldORANGE“Curse the gods, live among the dogs… it’s time to get high again.”

Announcing ArieScope Records

EMP LABEL GROUP, the label founded by Megadeth’s DAVID ELLEFSON, has signed a deal with horror director/writer/producer ADAM GREEN (Hatchet, Holliston) to create ARIESCOPE RECORDS, Green’s own label imprint which will be manufactured, marketed, and distributed by EMP.  The imprint label will focus on hard rock and metal acts, as well as the scores and soundtracks for Green’s own film and television projects.


The first release for ArieScope Records will be “Ghosts of Salem”, a special live release from Green’s own band HADDONFIELD, which will be available September 15th on digital, and Friday, October 13th, on limited edition LP and CD.  You can purchase your autographed copies here.

HADDONFIELD formed in Green’s hometown of Boston in the late 90’s, and became a large regional draw through legendary live performances. Though forced to relegate the band to a side project when his film career took off in the mid 2000’s, Green fully reactivated HADDONFIELD in 2017 after receiving an overwhelming response to two of the band’s songs played during a special live charity broadcast of THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast the previous summer.  Those tracks, and the rest of a classic band era live recording will be released this fall as “Ghosts of Salem” and HADDONFIELD will perform live during this October’s annual “Rock And Shock” horror and music festival in Worcester, MA.

GDOB-30H3-007 3.5mm spine

Green has written and directed 10 feature films to date including 2010’s Sundance darling FROZEN, 2014’s genre bending and ground breaking DIGGING UP THE MARROW, and the hugely successful HATCHET franchise in which he created the modern day slasher icon “Victor Crowley.”  Green is also the creator, writer, director, showrunner, and one of the stars of the popular television sitcom HOLLISTON.  After an extended hiatus due to the tragic death of main cast member Dave Brockie (GWAR’s “Oderus Urungus”), HOLLISTON will continue on with its third season next year.

Green’s weekly podcast THE MOVIE CRYPT (which he hosts with fellow HOLLISTON co-star Joe Lynch) has become one of the most popular entertainment podcasts on the internet over the past 4 years.  Listed as one of Entertainment Weekly magazine’s “20 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To” in 2015, THE MOVIE CRYPT has been ranked in iTunes Top 25 “What’s Hot” in TV/Film podcasts every day of the week for the last 2 years.

Established in 1998, Green’s production company ArieScope Pictures has been a leader in genre fare for 2 decades. In addition to producing all of Green’s feature films and television series, has become a destination site for horror and comedy fans around the world offering over 100 free short films and multiple seasons of original weekly series like “Adam Green’s Scary Sleepover” and “Horrified.”

Established in 2015 by Megadeth bassist and co-founder David Ellefson, the EMP record label is distributed by AMPED in North America, SPV in Europe, and limited titles by Universal in Japan.  EMP is the current home of such major artists as Doyle, Mark Slaughter, Bumblefoot, Dangerous Toys, Ignitor, Broken Teeth, Doll Skin, Madam X, Motograter, and now… Green’s own Haddonfield.

“I’m honored to partner with EMP for this new musical division of ArieScope Pictures,” says Green.  “As a lifelong metal and hard rock fan, I’ve always found ways to bring the music and the artists I love into my various film and television projects but I’ve missed performing music myself in a huge way over these last several years.  Starting an ArieScope imprint label, bringing HADDONFIELD back to the forefront, and getting to work with people I admire like David Ellefson and Thom Hazaert is just incredible.”

EMP Operations Manager Thom Hazaert says, “We are huge fans of Adam and his work, and it’s truly an honor to be the musical Robin to his Batman. He is a true music fan, and artist, and that said, music is never far from the pulse of his film projects, Holliston, Hatchet etc.  We are extremely excited and look forward to bringing you the fruits of this unholy union.”

Green is currently finishing his first novel and overseeing new issues of both the HATCHET and HOLLISTON comic book series.  His 10th feature film will be released in theaters later this year.


NEW Tour Dates Announced

We are excited to announce just a few more of the tour stops for Adam Green’s upcoming Fall tour in honor of HATCHET’s 10th Anniversary.

August 24 – 28: FRIGHTFEST – London, UK

October 13-15: ROCK & SHOCK – Worcester, MA    * Also performing with HADDONFIELD

October 27-29: FULL MOON – Nashville, TN

Many more dates will be announced soon as Green embarks on his biggest tour yet!  Stay tuned here as the full line-up of cities and dates are revealed over the coming weeks.


Pre-order HATCHET Issue #1!

The next issue of the HATCHET comic series (Issue #1) will hit stores this October, but you can pre-order your copies (autographed by Adam Green) right here, right NOW at  When you pre-order from ArieScope directly you save a few dollars off of the price we will be listing the autographed comics for (once officially on sale in October) and you are guaranteed to have your copy/copies shipped first, immediately upon arrival at our warehouse from the printer (which sometimes can mean receiving your copy/copies several days before retails stores)!

Hatchet1MainSMA first look at the main “Massacre” cover by artist Richard Bonk.

Return with us to Honey Island Swamp for a brand new tale of horror at the hands of Victor Crowley in the new issue of American Mythology’s hit HATCHET comic series!  It’s 1983 and a group of college kids with aspirations of creating the next blockbuster horror franchise set out to find the place where New Orleans’ most famous boogeyman lived.  Old school American horror returns to comics with Adam Green’s vision of rage and terror unleashed on the page!  If you loved HATCHET Issue #0 then you can’t miss this brand new heaping helping of horror !  Issue #1 is written by James Kuhoric (ARMY OF DARKNESS, FREDDY vs JASON vs ASH) with art by Andrew Mangum (RE-ANIMATOR, EVIL ERNIE) and is available in FIVE different variant covers:  ”Massacre” by Richard Bonk, “Gore” by Andrew Mangum, “Full Moon” by Greg LaRocque, “Hand of Horror” by Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser, and a special limited edition Rated MR version of the “Hand of Horror” cover (for adults only)! 

George A. Romero (2/4/40 – 7/16/17)

ArieScope mourns the loss of filmmaker George A. Romero (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, CREEPSHOW, and so very many more).

DEF080FD-F4F2-4994-B897-E13355519477George A. Romero and Adam Green – “Rock And Shock” in Worcester, MA 2015.

From Adam Green: “ I am heartbroken over the loss of George Romero.  If not for George, there is a very good chance that my generation of filmmakers would never have started doing what we do.  He was the pioneer of independent cinema and the father of an entire sub-genre, but on a personal level George was also always so kind, so generous, and so encouraging to me over the many years that I was lucky to know him.  I’ll never be able to understand the saying “don’t meet your heroes” as I’ve been fortunate enough to meet so very many of mine over the course of my career and they have all lived up to (if not surpassed) every self-imposed expectation I ever could have placed upon them.  George was one of the greatest examples of that.  At a time when I was all but lost in grief, mourning, and self-doubt, he literally put his arm around me and reminded me that what I do is important, that I mattered, and that I needed to keep going…”

45AA3A91-95CB-4A81-9FA4-03100985999EA pivotal moment.

“I’ll be able to say so much more about what George was actually saying to me in the above photo when my new film is unveiled/announced later this year, but I can’t stress enough that my upcoming film only exists because George told me to make it.  This photo was taken as George and I were exiting the stage together at Rock & Shock 2015.  A wonderful fan in the crowd took the picture and so generously printed it out and brought it to my table the next day.  He said, “I’m not sure what was being said here but I could tell it was important.  I thought you should have this.”  The photo has hung over my desk ever since.”

George-A-Romero-620-01-1“If you can change one thing- everything will change.” – George A. Romero

“Goodbye, George.  Though you couldn’t stay long enough to see what you actually did for me,  I have no doubt that you’ll be smiling down over your huge glasses at each and every screening.  Your legacy, your art, and your trail blazing spirit will live on forever through all of us that you inspired to pick up a camera and tell a story.  Sleep well, Master.”                                                   – Adam Green, July 17, 2017