This Christmas- GET SCARY!

ArieScope Pictures is thrilled to announce the upcoming SCARY SLEEPOVER “Christmas Special!”  Join our family this holiday season as Adam Green invites genre icons Kane Hodder (HATCHET, FRIDAY THE 13TH VII-X), Danielle Harris (HATCHET II-III, HALLOWEEN IV-V), Tony Todd (HATCHET, CANDYMAN), Bill Moseley (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE II, THE DEVIL’S REJECTS), and Sid Haig (HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES, SPIDER BABY) into his home for an enormous, homemade Christmas dinner and slumber party.  This truly special episode will be the biggest entry in the SCARY SLEEPOVER series yet… so deck your halls with blood and horror, hang your rotten stockings with scare, and get ready for Arwen Claws to come down your chimney because this Christmas is going to be a scream!

Mid Season outtakes logo fullAdam Green’s SCARY SLEEPOVER “Christmas Special” premieres right here on Friday December 15, 2017.  Click the logo above to watch the official trailer now!

Watch The Season 2 Finale Of HORRIFIED!

Season 2 of ArieScope’s original series HORRIFIED comes to its emotional conclusion as journalist and producer Steve “Uncle Creepy” Barton (ZOMBIEWORLD, DREAD CENTRAL) shares a story of terror and hope in the face of one of the greatest tragedies of our time. The finale episode also has a trailer attached to it that will surely make your upcoming holiday season bright!  Watch Episode 2.22 “Steve Barton” here.



UPDATED – NEW INFO: Live in Los Angeles?  Don’t miss a special LIVE taping of “The Movie Crypt” podcast happening this Sunday June 18th from 5-7pm at the Arclight Cinema in Culver City as part of the LA Film Festival!

LAFF17_KeyArt_FB_1220x628Hosts Adam Green, Joe Lynch, and Arwen (along with special guests) will be performing an episode of the popular podcast live in front of an audience- and you can be part of it!  You will need a ticket, but they are free.  You can either get one on the LA Film Festival webpage here to make sure you have a spot in the theater before showing up (we hear there is a one dollar “service fee” for advance tickets, or you can get one at the box office, which will be located on the Culver Studios Front lawn. Five minutes before the show starts the festival will have any remaining tickets moved to the information booth (between the Culver City Arclight and Culver Hotel) so people who are running late can get them on the way into the theater.  We recommend getting to the show early so that you can have prime seating for all of the “um’s,” “you know’s,” and Arwen your eyes and ears can handle.

imageSee you there, LA Crypt Keepers!

NEW HORRIFIED With Actress Kristina Klebe!

On this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED actress Kristina Klebe (HALLOWEEN 2007, CHILLERAMA) boards an international flight of terror with a true story that will surely have you terrified to get back on a plane!  Watch Episode 2.21 “Kristina Klebe” here.


Season 2 of ArieScope’s original series HORRIFIED comes to its emotional and highly inspirational conclusion next Wednesday.  Get ready.

New HATCHET merchandise is shipping out!

Our warehouse receives the new HATCHET “10th Anniversary” merchandise from Fright Rags today!  Orders will begin shipping out the moment they arrive (orders ship in the order they were received- so pre-orders will go out first).  Start watching your mailbox closely over the coming days!

Still haven’t ordered yours??  Better hurry!  Select sizes sold-out during the pre-order period and other sizes are already running incredibly low in stock.  (As in- only 1 or 2 left in some sizes!)  Stock up on HATCHET “10th Anniversary” awesomeness and be the best dressed guy or girl on the haunted swamp tour!  Order your stuff right now right here.

Hatchet-Baseball“Baseball-style jerseys, T-shirts, hoodies, and autographed poster prints, oh my!”

NEW Horrified and 20 Seconds To Live! SALE!!!

As an extra special treat, this week ArieScope presents both a new episode of HORRIFIED and a new episode of 20 SECONDS TO LIVE… plus a flash sale to celebrate (today only)!

First- watch filmmaker Dave Parker (THE HILLS RUN RED, IT WATCHES) share a true story that gives new meaning to the term “exposure” in HORRIFIED Episode 2.20 “Dave Parker” – now playing here.  You’ll never think of sex scenes in cinema the same way again!


Then – director Ben Rock (ALIEN RAIDERS) and company are back with a brand new episode of the award winning series 20 SECONDS TO LIVE!  Watch what happens when three siblings seek help in ridding their family estate of unwanted spirits in 20 SECONDS TO LIVE Episode 9 “Medium” – now playing here.


But wait- there’s more!  To celebrate the new episode of 20 SECONDS TO LIVE we’re having a 20% off flash sale that starts now and ends tonight at midnight!  Use promo code “medium” (all lower case) at check-out and save 20% off everything you buy- today only!  Hurry!  Much like the unfortunate characters in 20 SECONDS TO LIVE, your time is running out as the countdown to midnight has begun…

A New Episode of 20 SECONDS TO LIVE Is Coming!

A brand new episode of 20 SECONDS TO LIVE will be released TOMORROW (Wednesday June 7th) right here on!  Keep an eye out for Episode 9 “Medium”… and count your blessings 20 seconds at a time.

Medium_V2aA new episode of 20STL premieres Wednesday!

New HORRIFIED with Director Sean Becker!

Director Sean Becker (THE GUILD, HOLLISTON) shares a sickening childhood experience with a ferris wheel of terror in this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED- now playing right here.


NEW HORRIFIED! Watch Ep 2.17 Derek Mears!

On this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED actor Derek Mears (PREDATORS, FRIDAY THE 13TH 2009, HOLLISTON) recalls an experience of mistaken identity that left him feeling like one of the iconic monsters he has portrayed on screen. Watch Episode 2.17 “Derek Mears” here!