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Spiral (2008)


A reclusive artist finds life in the eyes of his latest subject, but the past that haunts him may come to haunt her as well.  Joel David Moore (AVATAR), Amber Tamblyn (SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS), Zachary Levi (TANGLED), and Tricia Helfer (BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA) star in this acclaimed and award winning psychodrama described by critics as “the closest thing you’ll get to Hitchcock in our day and age.”

Directed by Adam Green and Joel David Moore
Written by Joel David Moore and Jeremy Danial Boring

Theatrical release 2.8.2008
DVD release 2.19.2008

“SPIRAL is nothing short of brilliant as it explores a rare theme in horror: the image of the monster as victim. A very cerebral film, SPIRAL leaves much to the imagination, but it’s no blank canvas. Fantastic use of color, it is beautifully shot, primarily in reds. The opening shot sets the tone with a gorgeous red, blue, and green reflection in a puddle of a diner window. Visually, this is a masterpiece, and the live acoustic jazz score fits perfectly. I could just listen to this movie and still have a good time.” – Ain’t It Cool News (September 22, 2007)