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The Wedding Blog

It’s long over due, but as promised… here it is.

On June 26, 2010 Rileah Vanderbilt and I tied the knot in a private ceremony held in Malibu California.  As this was a moment in our lives that was meant to be shared only with our family and closest of friends, we purposely did not publicly post or publish any information or pictures (though candid photos from some of our guests did manage to slip out on various social networking sites as is to be expected).  But since then I’ve had so many fans write in and ask if we were ever going to share any photos from the wedding, so not wanting to completely leave you all out, Rileah and I picked just a very small handful of images that we felt comfortable sharing with the world and that we felt encapsulated our truly magical and amazing celebration.  Picking through the hundreds and hundreds of photos and trying to pick just a few that we felt shared the essence without intruding too heavily into such a personal moment was not an easy task (which is partially why this blog is coming almost 6 months after the fact).

As one guest said “Looking at the audience it was like Fashion Week meets a Horror Convention meets a Rock Concert meets a Golden Globes party.”  We were married by our very close friend Dee Snider (if you don’t know the story of “Me & Dee” I highly suggest checking it out in the SHORTS section of this website as it is a story you will surely never forget) in a ceremony that we wrote entirely ourselves- along with Dee’s own added flavor.  When he pronounced us “husband and wife” it was not only by the power invested in him by the State of California but also by the power invested in him as a heavy metal God and by the power of Grey Skull.  It was a very funny, very personal, and very emotional ceremony as any great wedding should be and the evening as a whole was definitely the celebration of a lifetime.  The outpouring of love and happiness in the air was way more overwhelming than I ever expected or have ever seen at any wedding and we partied with our friends long into the night after the actual reception was over.

We are so very grateful to all of the fans who sent cards, gifts, and well wishes but strongly urge anyone still thinking of doing so to please not send us anything.  Believe me when I say that together we have everything that we possibly need in our lives.  If you are still so compelled to send something that you just can’t accept that, than we urge you to instead just send a letter and perhaps use the money you would have spent on a gift towards buying and supporting an independent film of your choosing… or if you really want to give us a gift in our honor… donating your money or volunteering your time at a local animal shelter this holiday season.  We’d appreciate that more than any gift you could send.

Thank you to everyone who has sent their congratulations and well wishes and we hope you enjoy these very few but very special images from our big day.

Happily ever after-