2010: A Year Full Of Win

Adam Green has posted his year-end blog.  Check it out in GREEN’S BLOG here on

HATCHET II director Adam Green and actor Colton Dunn to play HALO REACH with fans on XBOX LIVE Tuesday December 28th

Director Adam Green and actor Colton Dunn (“Vernon” from HATCHET II) will be joining fans on Xbox Live for HALO REACH from 9pm – 11pm PST on Tuesday December 28, 2010.  Stop by and play/chat with Green and Dunn as well as other HATCHET family members who may stop in to throw some frags and give some beat downs.  Players will be selected on a first come first serve basis, but as space in the game is limited the duo will consistently change it up so that as many fans get the chance to play as possible.  (So don’t give up if you don’t get in right away.)   To play, simply add the gamertag “AdamFnGreen” to your friends list now and be on HALO REACH from 9pm – 11pm PST on Tuesday 12/28.  Bring your “chicken and biscuits and gravy” and teabags!

Please note, “AdamFnGreen” is a special account created for fan gaming events only and not Adam Green’s personal account.  Messages left there may not be received by Adam Green and he will only be on in person from 9pm – 11pm on Tuesday December 28, 2010.  If you do take part in this event, we suggest that you keep the “AdamFnGreen” account in your friends list should there be other fan gaming events in the future.  Colton Dunn will be playing under the handle “Capt Dope”.