Play XBOX Live With Adam Green!

The next “XBOX LIVE Fan Gaming” night will happen on Friday March 25th from 8-10pm PST.  Fans can play CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS with writer/director Adam Green and HATCHET II’s Colton Dunn (“Vernon”) as well as many other ArieScope crew members who may stop in for some warfare and carnage.  To play, simply add the gamertag “AdamFnGreen” and be on at 8pm PST.  Play is first come first serve and the game play will be switched up often to allow for more fans to get a chance to play.  NOTE: The “AdamFnGreen” account was created strictly for these exclusive Fan Gaming nights and is NOT Adam Green’s actual gamertag.  Messages sent to that account will not be received by Adam Green personally.  See you all on the battlefield!