XBOX Fan Gaming Night June 29th

The next XBOX Live “Fan Gaming Night” will be Wednesday June 29th from 8pm – 10pm PST.  Fans can play Halo Reach LIVE with HATCHET 2′s director Adam Green, Colton Dunn (“Vernon”), Ed Ackerman (“Cleatus”), and special make-up effects artist Robert Pendergraft.

To play just add the gamer tag “AdamFnGreen” as a friend and then be on-line and ready to play at 8pm PST on Wednesday June 29th.  You will be sent an invite to join the game.  As game play is limited to a certain amount of players per game, this is all done on a first come first serve basis.  In order to try and accommodate as many fans as possible, the game will frequently be re-set every few rounds and new gamers will be sent requests to play throughout the evening.  If you’re not added right away, be patient and stay on-line.  Your chance to play could be mere minutes away.  Those who have participated in this special event in the past can attest that it gets a little crazy when things are getting started, but we have a lot of fun together once the game is on.

NOTE: The “AdamFnGreen” XBOX Live account is used strictly for “Fan Gaming Night” events only and is not Adam Green’s actual personal account.  Personal messages sent there will NOT be received by Adam.  On Wednesday June 29th Colton Dunn will be playing under the gamer tag “Capt Dope”.  Ed Ackerman will be playing under the gamer tag “CREEPYHUGS”.  Robert Pendergraft will be playing under the gamer tag “HATCHET FX TEAM”.

See you on the battlefield!  Bring your tea bags.