Victor Crowley to take on Cassie Hack!

It was announced at San Diego Comic-Con today that HATCHET’s Victor Crowley would be the next villain to face off with Cassie Hack in the hit comic series HACK/SLASH.  This marks the first time that Victor Crowley will appear in comic form as well as the first collaboration between HACK/SLASH creator Tim Seeley and HATCHET creator Adam Green.

“I’ve been in love with Cassie Hack since I first read an issue of Hack/Slash”, says Green.  ”When Tim Seeley approached me about having Victor Crowley face-off with Cassie and Vlad I think it was probably the quickest and most enthusiastic “YES” I’ve ever given.  It is an honor to be included in such a fantastic series and I’m personally geeking out looking at my Hack/Slash collection and knowing that a character I created will soon be part of it.”

Seeley says, “I’ve wanted to work with Adam Green since I saw the tagline on the HATCHET poster. “Old School American Horror.” I knew Adam got it. As a fan of Adam’s work, I’m psyched to have my comic creations go bat to hatchet with one of the greatest indy horror icons of all time!”

HACK/SLASH Annual Number Three (“Hatchet/Slash”) from Image Comics will hit stores in November .  Below are the three covers released at Comic-Con.  Visit for more details.