Adam Green at the Los Angeles Comikaze Expo this weekend!

Filmmaker Adam Green will be hosting the “Team Unicorn Super Happy Fun Panel” this Saturday at the Los Angeles Comikaze Expo.  The panel will feature the girls of Team Unicorn (Rileah Vanderbilt, Clare Grant, Milynn Sarley, Michelle Boyd) as well as Derek Mears (Friday the 13th 2009, Holliston), Sean Becker (The Guild, Holliston), Alex Pardee (urban artist, Digging Up The Marrow), and Bonnie Burton (Star  The entire group will be signing for one hour immediately following the panel at 12 noon, so bring whatever you’ve got and (as always) Adam will sign for free.  Team Unicorn will also have shirts, posters, buttons, and more merchandise for sale at the event.  Not familiar with Team Unicorn yet?  Behold their awesomeness at