Happy Holidays from ArieScope Pictures

Happy Holidays from all of us at ArieScope Pictures!  Here’s to a happy and healthy 2012 to all of our ArieScope family, friends, fans, and to the Hatchet Army worldwide.  Next year… Victor Crowley returns.

(Christmas Crowley by Cody Schibi.)

RIP Maurice Huggett

On Saturday December 17, 2011, Maurice Huggett from the Phoenix Artists Club in London passed away.  The Phoenix Artists Club in London has long been the central hub for the UK’s FRIGHTFEST Film Festival (London and Glasgow), a festival that has been near and dear to ArieScope’s heart as it is is where such film as HATCHET, HATCHET 2, SPIRAL, GRACE, FROZEN, and CHILLERAMA launched their UK debut.  For 6 + years, filmmakers Adam Green and Joe Lynch have been dubbed the honorary “patron saints” of FrightFest with their 3-part 15 episode “Road to FrightFest” series that played the genre festival in 2008, 2009, and 2010.  Maurice was a staple in FrightFest’s nightly celebrations welcoming the greatest genre fans in the world with true hospitality each year and entertaining all of us with food, drink, and his uncanny singing each night.  ”Maurice was a gentle soul with the biggest heart in the world.” Says filmmaker Adam Green who personally attended and premiered such films as HATCHET, SPRAL, HATCHET 2, and CHILLERAMA at the UK’s summer London festival over the past 6 years.  ”He was a wonderfully kind human being and he was crucial in making the FrightFest event the success that it was each summer and a true celebration year after year.  He was not only a friend but a true supporter of what FrightFest was all about.”  FrightFest will never be quite the same and on behalf of everyone at ArieScope (cast and crew from our films over the years) we can only say that Mr. Huggett will be greatly missed and always on our minds at future Frightfest events.  We urge all FrightFesters to raise a pint in the legendary Phoenix this Christmas season and honor the passing of one of our brothers.

HATCHET/SLASH in comic book stores now

HATCHET/SLASH (part of Tim Seeley’s hit comic book HACK/SLASH) hit comic book stores everywhere today.  This limited annual where Cassie Hack faces off with HATCHET’s Victor Crowley features two different covers and will only be available while supplies last, so get out to your local comic book store and get your copy quick!