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Join the cast of HOLLISTON for a LIVE Facebook event!

As each episode of HOLLISTON airs, different cast members from the show will be “live facebooking” on the official Holliston Facebook Page.  Join the cast in a live commentary about the episode, ask questions, and discuss the show directly with the people who made it.  Simply “like” the official Holliston facebook page by clicking here and then log on to facebook as each episode airs and chat away with the cast!  It’s that easy!

This Tuesday night April 3rd, join series creator/star Adam Green, star Corri English, and star Oderus Urungus (GWAR!) live on Facebook at 7:30pm EST / 10:30pm PST.  Go on… ask us anything and take advantage of this very unique and special opportunity to get up close and personal with the cast of HOLLISTON.

Watch the HOLLISTON Sneak Peak Special this Sunday April 1st!

This Sunday (April 1st) the FEARnet television network will present a special “Sneak Peak” at this season of HOLLISTON.  Join the cast as they discuss the making of this first season and present some of their favorite clips from the upcoming episodes.  Sunday April 1st at 10pm EST only on FEARnet.  Stick around after the special is over for a special surprise!

SABER 2 is on its way!

Today it was announced by the Nerdist Channel that a sequel to 2009′s smash internet sensation SABER will be released on Star Wars Day (May 4th… get it?  ”May the 4th be with you?”).  Rileah Vanderbilt and Clare Grant will return with their lightsaber skills brought to you by their Danger Maiden Productions and ArieScope Pictures.  Seth Green will sit in the director’s chair this time around and Adam Green will produce.  Read all about it here.

FEARnet now available on Time Warner Cable in Southern California!

Fans demanded it and now… fans HAVE it.  Time Warner Cable in Southern California has just added FEARnet to their channel line-up after fans in the area demanded to see HOLLISTON!  For news on this great development, click here.  Still don’t have FEARnet where you live?  Don’t give up!  Call 877-FEAR-247 and tell your cable provider that you want to watch HOLLISTON on TV!


With the world television series premiere just around the corner (April 3rd on the FEARnet television network), HOLLISTON billboards and buses have invaded Los Angeles and New York City…

North Hollywood, CA.

Hollywood, CA.

Outside of Sony Studios in Culver City, CA.

New York City.

HOLLISTON’s Laura Ortiz in North Hollywood, CA.

Santa Monica, CA

New York City.

The cast visits the HOLLISTON billboard on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Returns

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