HOLLISTON’s premiere is a success!

With the amazing responses, reactions, and reviews pouring in,¬†HOLLISTON hit #6 in the most popular/trending television shows on GetGlue which is a hugely popular service and quickly becoming the “twitter of TV”.

Top trending shows for Tuesday night April 3, 2012:

1. Big Bang Theory
2. New Girl
3. Body of Proof
4. The Voice
5. Justified
6. Holliston
7. Dancing with the stars
8. Ringer
9. Storage Wars
10. Game of Thrones

For a brand new show’s first night out of the gate on a brand new cable network that so much of the country still doesn’t even get in their channel line-up yet, this was no small feat. ¬†On behalf of all of us who live in this world of “Holliston”… THANK YOU!