HATCHET 3 starts production!

Tonight HATCHET 3 begins shooting in New Orleans, Losuiana!  Check out Adam Green’s new blog titled “PICTURE’S UP!  A Decade of Slashing” on the GREEN’S BLOG section of this website.

HATCHET 3 Cast Announced!

Joining HATCHET franchise veterans Kane (“Victor Crowley”) Hodder and Danielle (“Marybeth”) Harris are a wide array of horror icons and amazing actors that we’re proud to announce as the newest members of the HATCHET family including: Zach Galligan (GREMLINS), Caroline Williams (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE PART 2), Derek Mears (FRIDAY THE 13th 2009), Rileah Vanderbilt (HATCHET 1 & 2), Diane Goldner (FEAST), Cody Blue Snider (GROWING UP TWISTED), Jason Trost (THE FP), Sean Whalen (THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS) and more! Filming on the second sequel to Adam Green’s cult franchise hit begins TOMORROW so stay tuned for updates.

GREEN’S BLOG has been updated.

Check out “Life in a Norman Rockwell Painting” – now available in the GREEN’S BLOG section of this website.