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“FAN GAMING NIGHT” Friday December 21, 2012

On Friday night December 21 Adam Green will be holding another “Fan Gaming Night” playing HALO 4 with fans on XBOX Live from 7-9pm PST. Special guests will also be stopping by to throw some frags and teabag your corpses including actor Derek Mears (“Officer Duffy” on HOLLISTON, FRIDAY THE 13TH 2009, PREDATORS), actor Colton Dunn (“Officer Pappas” on HOLLISTON, HATCHET 2, KEY AND PEELE), and special make-up effects artist Robert Pendergraft (HOLLISTON, the HATCHET series, CHILLERAMA).

If you’ve never played before, here’s how it works…

1.) Send a friend request anytime before the night of the event to the gamer tag “AdamFnGreen” and you will be added to that profile’s friend list.
2.) Be on-line and on HALO 4 between 7-9pm PST on Friday night December 21st.
3.) When sent a game invite from “AdamFnGreen”, accept it as quickly as you can and join the party. Play with Adam and friends, chat, meet other fans from all over the world, and have a good time!

It’s that easy. Due to the limited number of players that HALO 4 allows at one time during a big team battle, not everyone will get into every match. But if you don’t get in right away, hang tight. After every few games (usually every 15 minutes depending on how long the matches go and how many fans appear to be on-line) we will will clear out the entire party and start over again by sending another round of invites to all fans appearing on-line and playing HALO 4. How many games you get to play with Adam and his special guests all depends on how many fans turn up the night of the event, but in the past most everyone who has tried to play has gotten a chance to play at least a few rounds. Be patient and please do not keep sending invites and requests to play. So long as your profile is set to appear on-line and so long as you are playing HALO 4 (and available, i.e. not in another match) you will most likely receive an invite before the night is over. Remember, it is first come first serve, so be ready to accept the invite and join the game before the roster of available players becomes full and hopefully you will get at least one (if not several) chances to play and spend some quality cyber time with Adam and friends.

NOTE: The “AdamFnGreen” gamer tag is used only for these “Fan Gaming Nights”. It is not Adam Green’s actual XBOX profile and it is not checked on a regular basis, so any messages sent to the account will likely not be received by Adam personally.

Keep it friendly, have fun, and take part in this special fan appreciation night if you’re a gamer. These events are strictly done as a way of saying “thank you” for being a fan. So don’t be the guy/girl who tries to use this as an opportunity to pitch a movie, don’t hit Adam or the other special guests up for work, and don’t be a dick and ruin the night for everyone else!

See you on the battlefield!

-ArieScope Pictures

Adam Green joins GWAR on stage in LA

Los Angeles – Sunday night November 4th, Adam Green and Joe Lynch from ArieScope’s HOLLISTON will join GWAR on-stage during their concert at House of Blues. Come laugh along in horror as the boys are slaughtered in the band’s meat grinder during the show’s encore. Tickets available at the House of Blues box office while they last.