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The cast of HOLLISTON in Cincinnati!

The full cast of HOLLISTON will be kicking off their “Season 2 Promotional Tour” by appearing at Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati, OH on March 22-24th.  Stars Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz, Corri English, Dave Brockie, and Dee Snider will be signing autographs, posing for pictures with fans, and performing a live script reading during the “Holliston Panel” on Saturday the 23rd at 5pm.  This event will mark the FIRST time the entire cast has ever appeared together at the same time and the “Holliston Panel” promises to be something you have never seen at a convention before!  (Well… unless you saw “Holliston LIVE!” at Rock N Shock in Worcester, MA this past October…in which case, yeah, you’ve seen it before.)  See you in Cincinnati, Holliston Nation!  ”You’ve been great, we’ve been Dyver Down, GOODNIGHT!  WOO!!”

For tickets and details click here.