HATCHET II star Kathryn Fiore needs your help!

Earlier this month, ArieScope celebrated the birth of our family member and HOLLISTON star Corri English’s baby boy Radley, however another member of our family also welcomed a new addition to her family and desperately needs your help.  In June, HATCHET II star Kathryn Fiore (“Shyann Crowley”) gave birth to her daughter Alice… but what should have been a joyous occasion for Kathryn and her husband Gabe has turned into a desperate fight for Kathryn’s life.  After a long labor and emergency C-section, baby and mom were in trouble. While Alice, struggling to breathe, was rushed to the NICU, Kathryn fought for her life. A uterine hemorrhage necessitated replacing over 2 liters of blood. Intubation was required to restore her own breathing. Kathryn then went into septic shock and complete organ failure: her heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver stopped functioning while clotting threatened her limbs. The odds were stacked heavily against her.

But while Kathryn remained unconscious, the ICU doctors worked desperately to save her. Why all of this happened remains a mystery. Some factors suspected are a rare blood disease called HUS that can be triggered by pregnancy and surgery. Another possibility: amniotic fluid embolism, which is almost always fatal to the mother. Most doctors go their whole careers without encountering one.

While there was tremendous fear, there was also incredible strength. Friends and family provided physical, emotional and financial support. The sleepless new dad, Gabriel, ran back and forth between the NICU and ICU, making crucial decisions and providing boundless love.

Kathryn required emergency dialysis, and teams of specialists consulted and prescribed targeted drugs and other life-saving procedures. 12 tense days later, she stabilized — her heart and lungs made a comeback and she regained consciousness. The doctors call this a miracle. Without a doubt, it is a testament to Kathryn’s strength, spirit and to all of our love and prayers.

Alice remained in the NICU for ten days and thankfully now she is at home. Kathryn continues to amaze and show improvement across the board. But it will be a long road to recovery — physical therapy and more dialysis before she can join her husband and precious baby who is happy, healthy and not surprisingly, the most beautiful child ever born. Beyond that, there will be many months of extended medical care and treatment hopefully leading to Kathryn’s full recovery.

Ponies and plush toys would have been appreciated under normal circumstances, but what the family needs now is financial aid from those who are in the position to contribute. We are unsure how much their insurance will cover for care-to-date and the treatment, rehab and surgeries looming ahead. Kathryn will not be able to work for a very long time, and Gabe will be restricted while caring his two best girls. Beyond that, Kathryn will likely need some professional nursing care before she’s on her feet (literally) again.

This fundraiser is sponsored by Friends and Family of Kathryn and Gabriel. You can find out more and contribute ANYTHING you can spare by clicking here.  Please share this link with those whom you think would be empathetic and generous. To all members of the Hatchet Army who contribute, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.



Gabe & Kathryn