HOLLISTON SEASON 2 is now available on iTunes!  Re-live the humor, the horror, the heartbreak, and the Hobgoblin with all ten episodes in glorious HD by clicking and ordering here.  Note: The Christmas Special is coming soon as it’s own separate download on iTunes and Amazon Streaming will be carrying Season 2 shortly.  There is no DVD/BLU-RAY date announced just yet so hold tight.


New MOVIE CRYPT Podcast with Director Tom Holland

The latest episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast is now available!  Listen and learn a ton as Adam Green interviews legendary writer/director Tom Holland (CHILD’S PLAY, FRIGHT NIGHT) right here.

Tom Holland MCAdam Green and Tom Holland.



Get caught up with THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast and two new episodes that have posted over the past two weeks.  One features ArieScope’s own Will Barratt (cinematographer HATCHET 1-3, FROZEN, SPIRAL, HOLLISTON) and the other has a candid interview with director Sean Becker (HOLLISTON, THE GUILD).  Listen to them on iTunes or directly on the Geek Nation website here.

Sean Becker MCAdam Green and Sean Becker.



HATCHET III hits DVD & BLU-RAY in the US today!

In honor of HATCHET III’s release on DVD and BLU-RAY today, Adam Green has posted a new blog in GREEN’S BLOG titled “That’s Another Wrap!” with some thoughts on completing production on DIGGING UP THE MARROW, HOLLISTON’s season 2 finale, and a message from HATCHET III’s director BJ McDonnell.


HATCHET III in-store DVD/BLU-RAY signing in Burbank, CA

On Tuesday night August 13th at 7:00pm, join Adam Green, BJ McDonnell, Kane Hodder, Derek Mears, Caroline Williams, Rileah Vanderbilt, and many, many more for an in-store HATCHET III DVD and BLU-RAY autograph signing at Dark Delicacies Bookstore, 3512 W. Magnolia in Burbank, CA.  Fans can also order autographed copies of the HATCHET III DVD or BLU-RAY from Dark Delicacies directly on their website.

PLUS!  ArieScope Pictures will be at Dark Delicacies that night shooting footage and interviews for an upcoming project.  Come decked out in your ArieScope colors (HATCHET ARMY, HOLLISTON NATION or other T-shirt) and if you volunteer to tell our cameras about your favorite ArieScope film, why you’re an Adam Green fan, and why you love monsters… you could potentially wind up somewhere in our next film!


In Season 2 of ArieScope’s hit sitcom HOLLISTON, “Lance Rockett” (Dee Snider) begins focusing on a more “realistic career” and starts writing “original Van Halen songs” for his tribute band DYVER DOWN.  While only a glimpse of his music video for “Love It Down Your Throat” is shown in the epic Season 2 finale, you can watch the full, glitter-ific, and un-cut video right here.  Directed by Cody Blue Snider.  Song written by Adam Green, Bear McCreary, and Brendan McCreary.  Buy the song on iTunes!