Celebrate Christmas With The Final MOVIE CRYPT of 2013

Adam and Joe celebrate Christmas and get beaten up by the most famous Christmas bully in cinema history “Scut Farkus” / Zack Ward (A CHRISTMAS STORY, TRANSFORMERS, TITUS) in the final MOVIE CRYPT of 2013. Together they discuss Zack’s lifelong experiences working in the business including candid stories from the set of Bob Clark’s American classic A CHRISTMAS STORY, what it was really like working with the notorious Uwe Boll, why a live shooting experience like TITUS may have been the greatest in Zack’s career so far, the difference between those who want to act and those who want to be famous, what it’s like to not only play a famous bully but to grow up being bullied in real life, and Zack’s own anti-bullying campaign.  So go on…say uncle! Cry, baby! CRYYYYY!!!! And have a merry Christmas with this fun and final episode of the year and listen here.

Zack Ward Movie CryptAdam Green, Zack Ward, and Joe Lynch