New MOVIE CRYPT Discusses The Music Industry

Music industry mogul and Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel sits down with Adam Green and Joe Lynch to discuss his fascinating career path from record store clerk to record label CEO, discovering and giving bands like METALLICA and SLAYER their start, and the parallels between the music industry and the film/TV industry in this terrific new episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT.  You can listen on iTunes or here on Geek Nation.


HOLLISTON in-store appearance April 8th

On Tuesday night April 8th at 7pm, Adam Green (Creator, Writer, Director, Executive Producer, “Adam”), Joe Lynch (Executive Producer, “Joe”), Laura Ortiz (“Laura”), Sean Becker (Director), Sarah Elbert (Producer and “Sarah The Waitress”) and more will be appearing at Dark Delicacies Bookstore in Burbank, CA to celebrate the Blu-Ray release of HOLLISTON Season 2.  As always, bring anything else you want signed as autographs and pictures are free.  You’ll be able to buy the Blu-Ray there at the store as well.  More cast/crew may be added to the appearance when it gets closer but please note that the line-up is subject to change due to last minute professional obligations.

UPDATED 4/8: Sid Haig (“Sid Haig”), Paul Solet (“Nicolo”), Rileah Vanderbilt (“Dana”), and Will Barratt (Cinematographer) will also attend. NOTE: Sid Haig will only be signing the HOLLISTON Blu-Ray and not any other items.

Dark Delicacies 3512 W. Magnolia Blvd.  Burbank, CA (818)-556-6660.  Website.

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New MOVIE CRYPT with Zachary Levi

This week’s MOVIE CRYPT podcast features actor Zachary Levi (CHUCK, TANGLED, SPIRAL, THOR 2) and is one of the most inspirational episodes yet.  Listen on iTunes or right here on Geek Nation.



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Happy shopping and remember… Valentine’s Day is not a real holiday.  If you’re single and lonely this year, don’t forget that Victor Crowley loves you.  You’re never alone.


Two fans (Jon and Al Kaplan) recently created and posted the following video on Youtube that we just adore.  Check out FROZEN “The Musical”… and remember that skiing kills.  Watch it here and check out the other musical film parodies that Jon and Al have done by visiting their Youtube page (link available on the FROZEN “The Musical” page above).

4224_557586176029_35801203_33011182_4415284_nEmma Bell and Adam Green filming FROZEN – Eden, Utah 2009



This week’s new MOVIE CRYPT podcast features guest comedian/actor Dave Sheridan (SCARY MOVIE, THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, MTV’s BUZZKILL) and contains a hilarious look at the film and television industry.  Listen on iTunes or here.


Happy Birthday SPIRAL!

On this day 6 years ago, SPIRAL opened in US theaters.  Happy Birthday to “Mason”, his art, and all of the women he may (or may not) have loved…

Spiral005 (2)

New MOVIE CRYPT with Producer Craig Perry

A brand new MOVIE CRYPT podcast featuring Producer Craig Perry (FINAL DESTINATION, AMERICAN PIE) discusses the major studio side of filmmaking and features some truly informative and incredible advice for filmmakers.  Listen on iTunes or here.