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New Merchandise in the BUY STUFF store!

Check out our BUY STUFF store here for some new, incredibly rare items that were just uncovered in our vaults and released for sale!  Act fast as with some of these items there are only a few to go around and most will never be available again here or anywhere else!

Frozen T Front

Director Kyle Newman on The Movie Crypt

FANBOYS director Kyle Newman joins Adam Green and Joe Lynch on The Movie Crypt podcast from a galaxy far, far away to share some of the most harrowing trials and tribulations in filmmaking that you’ll ever here.  Listen on iTunes or right here on Geek Nation.

Kyle Newman 1Joe Lynch, Kyle Newman, Arwen and Adam Green


Bobcat Goldthwait on THE MOVIE CRYPT

The amazing, hilarious, and inspirational comedian/filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait joins Adam and Joe for the special 50th episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT!  Celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the podcast and listen here.

BobcatMCArwen, Adam Green, Bobcat Goldthwait, & Joe Lynch


SABER 3 Has Arrived

Just in time for STAR WARS DAY (May 4th), ArieScope is proud to present the second sequel to Adam Green’s award winning 2009 STAR WARS fan-film “Saber” in conjunction with our friends at Nerdist and Danger Maiden.  Written by Adam Green and directed by Joe Lynch, “Saber 3″ celebrates the old Kenner action figure commercials from the early 80′s and brings you our most action packed light saber fight yet.  Watch it here and May the 4th be with you.  Always.



Saber 3 (2014)

Written by Adam Green and directed by Joe Lynch… many Bothans died to bring you this short film after STAR WARS geeks across the galaxy demanded yet another sequel to Adam Green’s award winning 2009 fan film SABER.  So grab your favorite action figure and unleash the force within you… one final time.