Just in time for Halloween we’ve released a bunch of all new wicked awesome merchandise in our BUY STUFF store!  There’s a totally metal HOLLISTON “Dyver Down” concert shirt, a special fahkin’ ArieScope “Halloween / Jack Chop” shirt, an Arwen approved “Movie Crypt” shirt, poster re-prints of two of “Laura’s” fan-favorite paintings on HOLLISTON, extremely rare DIGGING UP THE MARROW variant posters, and more!   As always, all of these items will go fast and sell out before you know it, so place your order (or pre-order) quickly and make sure that you are “the baddest dude in Revere” this Halloween as purchases will start shipping in mid-October.  Remember, our on-line store is a boutique shop (we’re a film and television production company not a clothing company) which is why everything you buy from us is always top quality, very special, and very rare.  You can’t find these items at just any old retail store or convention booth, so get yours here and stand out from the crowd by being the unique fans that we love!  We hope that the Great Pumpkin brings you and yours the best Halloween presents ever and that you find exclusive ArieScope Pictures merchandise when you look under your Halloween Tree this year.

ArieScope New MerchSo much great new merchandise in our BUY STUFF store… it’s scary!