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00336_RJ“It’s Black Friday, paint the devil on the wall!” – MEGADETH

ArieScope’s annual BLACK FRIDAY SALE is here!  Victor Crowley has SLASHED prices throughout our “Buy Stuff” store because he wants the floor beneath your Christmas tree to be splattered with ArieScope Blu-Rays, DVDs, T-Shirts, posters, and more!  And because we love you …our Black Friday festivities are starting a full week early this year!  Consider this gift from us to be a “Surprise-Hanukkah!” of sorts! (Fans of the HOLLISTON Christmas Special will get that reference.)  Starting now you can take advantage of our outrageously low Black Friday sale prices and if you use promo code “axl” at check-out you’ll also save an additional 10% on everything you purchase!  Hurry and take advantage of our lowest prices of the year and buy ArieScope stuff for everyone on your holiday shopping list!  (Even the naughty ones.)  This sale and the special promo code offer both end on 11/30/14 at 11:59pm PST so don’t delay!


 Promo code “axl” saves 10% at check-out through 11/30/14 at 11:59pm PST! 


Bernard Rose on The Movie Crypt

Director Bernard Rose (CANDYMAN, IMMORTAL BELOVED) joins Adam and Joe on this week’s new Movie Crypt podcast and he shares the greatest “how I got my start” story you’ll ever hear.  Listen on iTunes or right here … and buy a Movie Crypt T-shirt in our “Buy Stuff” store to help keep the podcast going!

BernardAdam Green, Arwen, Bernard Rose, and Joe Lynch

“Where the f@#k is my Movie Crypt T-shirt?”

“Where the f@#k is my Movie Crypt T-shirt?”  The shirts are coming soon- just taking longer than originally projected, and for that we apologize.  After waiting several weeks longer than originally promised for the shirts to be delivered to us, when the shirts finally did arrive late last week the shirts weren’t up to our standards- especially given how expensive they were to print per shirt with the photo-logo on the front and how expensive they were for you to purchase because of that.  In short, the front looked like a cheap iron-on and many of the shirts didn’t even have the logo printed on them straight.  As you can imagine, it’s a nightmare for us on par with spending a night in Victor Crowley’s swamp.  We’ve fired the printing service who made this mistake and are having the shirts re-done elsewhere under a rushed order.  We’re not waiting to have our own money refunded before paying to get a new run of shirts re-printed as that could take weeks and weeks of back and forth with the original printer.  We’ll worry about that on our own time and are paying to have new shirts made immediately while we wait for things to get sorted out on the original printer’s end.  If you’ve ordered from us before, you know this is highly unusual.  Even though we’re not a major retail store (our focus is on making movies and TV shows- our merchandise side of things is an extremely boutique service and a novelty that our fans appreciate us providing) we do take pride in always delivering high quality product and in typically shipping orders out within only a few days of receiving them even though the site says to allow up to 3 weeks.  So please know that we’re on it.  Especially given how expensive the shirts are to manufacture and to purchase, we just couldn’t send out what the printer delivered to us as they were not good enough for our loyal fans who take the time and money to support what we do.  For now we’ve changed the Movie Crypt shirt listing to say “sold out” so that we can get your orders taken care of first.  They’ll go back up for sale only after we have received the shirts that you have already ordered and we see that they are up to our standards.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  We expect to have the shirts in stock and shipping out the first week of December as our new printer has told us the shirts will have arrived by then.
-Team ArieScope
The_Movie_Crypt_Shirt-LOGO2“Where the f@#k is my shirt??” – Arwen

SLASH on The Movie Crypt!

He’s an icon in music, a best-selling author, and now he’s also a horror movie producer… the legendary Slash (Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver, NOTHING LEFT TO FEAR) joins Adam and Joe on this week’s new Movie Crypt podcast.  Listen on iTunes or right here.

Slash MCAdam Green, Arwen, Slash, and Joe Lynch