MARROW Winners Announced!

The winners in the ArieScope/Zerofriends “WIN A PIECE OF THE MARROW” contest have been announced!  The following fans mailed in their proof of ticket purchase from DIGGING UP THE MARROW’s 9 city theatrical expansion on March 5, 2015 and have been notified by email privately. Congratulations!  We know that Detective William Dekker would be proud of you.  If we could only locate him…

GRAND PRIZE – Original Alex Pardee artwork & a Blu-Ray signed by Green and Pardee

Matt Van Fleet, Alyssa Fassoth, Ian Monroe, Taylor Haggard, and Drew Marvick

RUNNER UP – A Blu-Ray signed by Green and Pardee

Mary Catallo, Jovy Skoi, Katie Murphy, and Mark Basenback