Scary Sleepover Ep 113 “Bill Moseley”

Genre icon Bill Moseley (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, THE DEVIL’S REJECTS) joins Adam for this week’s Scary Sleepover where they discuss everything from Bill’s career, weird masks, a movie that neither of them have ever seen, and Bill’s biggest fears.  Watch the episode now, free and uncensored, right here.

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New MOVIE CRYPT Commentary and This Time… It’s Personal

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Adam and Joe prepare you for summer with the next entry in their popular podcast commentary series: JAWS… THE REVENGE.  Listen, learn, laugh, and ROAR like a Great White shark as the boys dissect the JAWS movie to end all JAWS movies (literally), complete with special guest “experts” who were involved with the film.  Why does the shark roar?  Can a shark possibly swim from New England to the Bahamas in 3 days?  Was Michael Caine tricked into doing the film?  Why does “Jake” sing the theme music to the very movie he is in?  Did Universal really shoot a new ending a week after the movie was released in theaters?  Find out all the (questionable) facts by listening to THE MOVIE CRYPT episode 105 here or on iTunes and be sure to check out Adam and Joe’s other commentary tracks for GREMLINS, HALLOWEEN 3, SHOCKER, LOVE ACTUALLY, FRIDAY THE 13th PART 2, and FRIDAY THE 13th PART 4.

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SCARY SLEEPOVER Ep 112 “Jeffrey Reddick”

Jeffrey Reddick (writer/creator of FINAL DESTINATION) joins Adam for this week’s episode of Scary Sleepover where they attempt to write a horror movie together, play with a puppet, discuss Jeffrey’s career, and learn about his biggest real life fear. Watch Episode 112 right here on our “Original Series” page.

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Actress Emma Bell (FROZEN, THE WALKING DEAD, FINAL DESTINATION 5) joins Adam on this week’s hilarious new episode of Scary Sleepover where they discuss everything from careers to ferret salad to Yankee candles to the Red Wedding on GAME OF THRONES to mothers to Emma’s deepest fears and beyond.  Watch the episode here.

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SCARY SLEEPOVER EP 110 “Zach Galligan”

On this week’s episode of SCARY SLEEPOVER actor Zach Galligan joins Adam and plays with toys, discusses a pivotal scene from GREMLINS, and shares his biggest fears.  The episode also features a first look at ArieScope’s upcoming new original series 20 SECONDS TO LIVE.  Watch it now right here.

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Announcing 20 Seconds To Live…

ArieScope Pictures announces a new original on-line series 20 SECONDS TO LIVE, a horror/comedy for people who hate happy endings.
Today ArieScope Pictures announced their second original on-line series 20 Seconds To Live which will premiere here on along with the Season 1 finale of Adam Green’s Scary Sleepover on Friday June 5, 2015.  Directed/co-created by Ben Rock (Alien Raiders), written/co-created by Bob DeRosa (Killers), and produced by Cat Pasciak (Atari: Game Over), 20 Seconds To Live is a scripted anthology series where characters meet their untimely demise in various twisted, fun, and oftentimes gory situations.  ”Bob and I have been doing dark, short, creepy late-night theater projects together for years and we’ve wanted to channel that sensibility into a web series,” says Rock.  ”Because this is an anthology we can let the series wander anywhere – natural or supernatural, violent, sexy, funny, gory, or lots of things at once. The audience won’t know what’s about to happen when they click to watch, except that somebody they’re about to meet is about to take a dirt nap.”  The 7 episode series will be released consecutively each Friday through July 17th and is free for fans to enjoy.
20 Seconds To Live follows ArieScope’s first original series Adam Green’s Scary Sleepover, a 14 episode series where icons and celebrities from the horror genre join the filmmaker for a slumber party and open up about their honest real life fears.  “Given the popularity of our annual Halloween short films that we’ve done for 17 years now, the idea of creating more episodic content seemed like an obvious direction to go with,” says Green.  “While we’re already planning a second season of Scary Sleepover after the response we’ve received to this first season, 20 Seconds To Live is the perfect next series as it shares the same sensibility of fun that our brand has come to be known for.  There are so many styles and sub-genres to horror, and while our various films and television shows have explored almost all of them so far, one thing we’ve never been about is punishing the audience with any kind of mean spirited depravity.  20 Seconds To Live is tonally right in step with what we do and shares our philosophy that it’s OK to enjoy yourself while watching horror genre content and perhaps even laugh or smile sometimes.”
While Scary Sleepover episodes are also offered in shorter, censored versions on ArieScope’s Youtube channel, 20 Seconds To Live will initially be exclusive to the website.  “With over 3 million views to our YouTube channel, we felt that we’d be remiss to not initially offer a taste of Scary Sleepover there in order to raise awareness for the full episodes on,” says Green.  “But if we were to try and shorten or censor 20 Seconds To Live to be suitable for all audiences it would be a disservice to what Ben, Bob, and Cat have created.  So we’ll only be putting a trailer for the series on our YouTube channel for the interim.”  A first look at 20 Seconds To Live will be included as part of tonight’s new episode of Scary Sleepover: Episode 110 “Zach Galligan”.
20 seconds Logo for webThe countdown begins Friday June 5th…

Emma Bell gets FROZEN on the MOVIE CRYPT

Actress Emma Bell (FROZEN, THE WALKING DEAD, FINAL DESTINATION 5) freezes on a chairlift, takes Arwen for a walk with zombies, and cheats death with Adam and Joe on this week’s all new Movie Crypt podcast.  Listen to Episode 102: “Emma Bell” here.

EmmaBell102Adam Green, Arwen, Emma Bell, and Joe Lynch

Scary Sleepover Ep 9: Darren Lynn Bousman

Filmmaker Darren Lynn Bousman joins Adam for a Scary Sleepover where he brings new footage to show, shares his deepest fears, and tries to keep Adam awake with stories. Watch Episode 109 on our original series page.

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