HORRIFIED Ep #7: Bear McCreary

On this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED Emmy Award winning composer Bear McCreary (THE WALKING DEAD, HOLLISTON, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) shares a paranormal story that will rock you. Click on over to our “Original Series” to watch now!

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HORRIFIED Ep #6 “Amrapali Ambegaokar”

On this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED, actress and dancer Amrapali Ambegaokar (SCANDAL, GREY’S ANATOMY, CIRQUE DU SOLEIL) shares a personally horrifying real-life story from a beauty pageant gone wrong.  Watch it in our “Original Series” section here.

IMG_6985Corri English, Amrapali Ambegaokar, and Adam Green on the set of HORRIFIED.



WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY’s Jeff Davis brings his stories, his comedy, and his own brand of inspiration to this week’s fantastic and highly enjoyable episode of The Movie Crypt.  Listen, laugh, and learn on iTunes or right here on GeekNation.

JeffDavisArwen was star struck by the incredibly talented Jeff Davis.


HORRIFIED Ep #5 “Will Barratt”

On this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED, Emmy Award winning cinematographer Will Barratt (FROZEN, DIGGING UP THE MARROW) shares an embarrassing behind the scenes story from the making of HATCHET. Watch it free and uncensored on our “Original Series” page here.

thumbnail - will barratt“When did we get a red couch?”

Season 1 of HORRIFIED to be extended!

After airing merely four episodes, our new original series HORRIFIED has received such an overwhelming response that we will in turn be extending Season 1!  New episodes will now run every Friday through Christmas instead of Halloween as originally planned.  Thank you to every fan who has helped make our latest series such an immediate success!  In turn, Season 2 of Adam Green’s popular SCARY SLEEPOVER series will now have a Christmas 2015 launch.

IMG_6828Prepare to be even more HORRIFIED

Richard Riehle on this week’s Movie Crypt

The incredible Richard Riehle (CASINO, GLORY, OFFICE SPACE, HATCHET, FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, GROUNDED FOR LIFE, THE GOLDEN GIRLS, and basically every movie and TV show ever made) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen on this week’s new Movie Crypt podcast where they discuss working with John Wayne, boss mustaches, and Richard’s “Jump To Conclusions Mat!”  (“Hey, they guy who invented the “Pet Rock” made a million dollars.”)  Listen here!

IMG_7960Arwen had mustache envy.


Actress Jordan Ladd (CABIN FEVER, DEATH PROOF, GRACE) shares a traumatizing story from her childhood in this week’s new episode of HORRIFIED now playing (free and uncensored) in our Original Series section right here.

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Adam Green will be doing a brief appearance at “SCARE LA” this coming Sunday August 9th when he hosts the panel presentation for the upcoming anthology film TALES OF HALLOWEEN on the Main Stage at 2:30pm.  If you’re going to be attending the panel, feel free to bring your camera, your hugs, and whatever movies, photos, or posters you’d like to have Adam sign.  As always, autographs and photos are free but as Adam needs to get back to writing, all meeting and greeting will have to happen fairly quickly.  NOTE: This is not an official appearance with a set signing time and table for Adam Green specifically.  This is just Adam helping out ArieScope’s MANY filmmaker friends involved with TALES OF HALLOWEEN.  (Seriously, wait until you see this movie.  It’s got almost everyone from the horror genre in it or working on it!)  For more information about “SCARE LA” visit their official Facebook page by clicking –> HERE <– .

11403240_1050618251616825_549129527372027760_nHalloween comes early this year…