After almost 3 straight years of doing The Movie Crypt podcast every single week without fail… after so very many artists have come on the podcast and spoken so candidly about their struggles with substance abuse and addiction… after Adam and Joe have read countless letters, postings, and other messages from members of their audience about how much the guests who have shared their addiction and recovery stories have personally helped them cope with their own daily struggles… and for a program that prides itself on its honest discussions about the various trials and tribulations of surviving within the entertainment industry… the boys would be remiss to not at least attempt to tackle the extremely difficult and incredibly important subject of addiction.  Though the various artists who have come on the show and bravely opened up about their real-life problems with drugs have thankfully all told stories that included recovery and success… unfortunately one of Adam and Joe’s previous guests (who also happened to be a huge part of their HOLLISTON family, a true best friend, and a beloved music icon adored by millions worldwide) is no longer here with us.  Just moments after the tragedy of Dave Brockie’s death first hit the press…. Adam was inundated with media requests to issue a statement as HOLLISTON’s creator, writer, and show-runner.  He continually and defiantly defended any suggestions that drugs could have potentially been a factor in his dear friend’s death.  There was absolutely no possible way.  A few weeks later, Dave’s toxicology report came back from the coroner’s office.  Though it will soon be two years since Dave passed away, it has only been within the past few weeks that Adam and Joe have even been able to speak the words out loud that Dave’s toxicology report came back positive for heroin. In their efforts to come to terms with their loss, in their own personal searches to better understand substance abuse and addiction, and in response to the overwhelming amount of extremely passionate fan letters and comments… it was finally time to face the issue head-on and dedicate an entire episode to a struggle that is just not publicly discussed often enough.  A struggle that too many keep private out of fear of judgment.  A struggle that too many suffer through alone simply because they either don’t know how to get help, because they don’t believe they can be helped, or because they are too scared of the perceived consequences that might come with admitting that they need help.  A struggle that is too often not brought to light until it is tragically too late.  Musician/Counselor Terry Kirkman began his career as a songwriter and performer best known for his work with THE ASSOCIATION (“Cherish” and “Along Comes Mary”).  After decades of substance abuse, Terry found himself at a crossroads of either committing suicide or reaching out for help… and thankfully he found the strength to choose the latter.  He has been sober for exactly 31 years and 1 month on the very night of this recording.  Terry has dedicated his life to helping others in their struggles with addiction and through his work with programs like A.I.R. Support (Artists In Recovery) and as the clinical director of M.A.P. (Musicians Assistance Program) he has helped countless other people find hope, strength, and change for a better way of living.  As an added bonus, Terry’s wife Heidi Kirkman also joins in on the conversation about halfway through the episode.  28 years sober herself, Heidi is a counselor specializing in marriage, family therapy, life transitions, relationships, and addiction.  Whether you are an addict yourself, whether you know of an addict in your life, or whether you merely want to try and better understand addiction so that you can be prepared… this just may be the most important episode of The Movie Crypt that Adam and Joe ever record as someone in our world-wide audience is going to be saved by listening to these powerful, emotional, and difficult two hours.  Adam and Joe can’t possibly thank Terry and Heidi Kirkman enough for answering their call for help and for taking the time to donate their expertise and share their own experiences with addiction and recovery.  Nor can they thank the overwhelming amount of fans who wrote in to either share their own personal stories or ask their own questions about this subject that is literally a matter of life or death.  There was absolutely no way to cover every aspect of substance abuse and recovery or to possibly answer every question about addiction within these 2 hours.  But we hope that if nothing else this addiction special leaves you with the power of hope.  With the understanding that recovery is possible for all.  And with the knowledge that help is not far away no matter who you are or where you live.  All you have to do is reach out your hand and another hand (or several hands) will be there to accept, receive, and assist you.  Terry Kirkman can be found on Facebook here should you wish to connect with him.  PLEASE… if you are in need of help, if you are struggling with substance abuse of any kind, if you know someone who needs help, if you are living your life inside a dark shadow of fear and desperation… know that you are not alone.  Don’t wait another day.  Contact any of the various support groups in your immediate area today.  Help is truly waiting for you.   This episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT is in loving memory of David Murray Brockie (August 30, 1963 – March 23, 2014).  We miss your laughter.
TerryKirkmanCounselors Terry and Heidi Kirkman – THE MOVIE CRYPT Ep #130 “The Addiction Special”